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RadioWaves school podcasting site revamped with new features

RadioWaves school podcasting site revamped with new features

radiowaves-logoRadioWaves, the British podcasting site aimed at school kids, has had a makeover and new features making it easier for children to share their thoughts with others in a safe, moderated environment.

The new “friends function” brings an element of social networking to the site, allowing students to connect and send secure messages to one another, bookmark other pages and access a news feed so they know when friends pages are updated. Not new features for anyone used to blogging and other social networks by any stretch of the imagination, but good to have them added to this more secure, niche educational site.

Last year we reported that British kids were to be taught about podcasting. Teachers see the value in social networking and Scottish kids adopted blogging to aid study.

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  • if i put a song that i created on radiowaves, is it automatically copyrighted? please can some reply to this post please in their comment? thank you

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