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ReadWriteWeb turns 5

ReadWriteWeb turns 5

Congratulations to Richard MacManus and the team at ReadWriteWeb which is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary on Sunday, April 20th.

I probably began reading ReadWriteWeb back in 2005 or so when I first really became interested in blogging. It’s been interesting to watch its evolution into what it has become today.

Interestingly enough – both ReadWriteWeb and I started blogging using the same software – Dave Winer’s Radio Userland and had exactly the same theme back in the early days.

As Richard writes in his post:

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Today the blogging landscape is vastly different. The top blogs now are full-on media businesses. ReadWriteWeb, which started out 5 years ago as an evening hobby for me, has evolved with the times and is now the 11th ranked blog on Technorati’s Top 100 – closing in on #10 Daily Kos! The reason we have continued to grow is because ReadWriteWeb is no longer just me. We have a great team of smart, web-savvy and passionate bloggers: Marshall Kirkpatrick, Josh Catone, Sarah Perez, Alex Iskold, Bernard Lunn, Emre Sokullu, and many other occasional and guest writers. ReadWriteWeb nowadays is also a network: last100 (Steve O’Hear and Daniel Langendorf), AltSearchEngines (Charles Knight) and ReadWriteTalk (Sean Ammirati).


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