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Real-Time Facebook Search

Real-Time Facebook Search

Not to be out done by the Fail Whale, Facebook is launching new real-time search functionality that will allow members to look for information located in the links, comments and photos and videos of registered users.

Unlike Twitter search results, which are available to anyone, Facebook search will only yield results to members.

If you don’t see the search yet, fear not. Only “a fraction of a percent” of Facebook users have been granted access to the new feature.

If you want your profile and other related information to remain private, now might be a good time to review your privacy settings page.

According to Facebook, users will have the ultimate say if the feature sticks.

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“Testing potential features is an important part of our product development process. These tests tell us if new features benefit people in the way we think they will, what we might do to make them even better, and in some instances, when we need to go back to the drawing board.”

Read more on the Facebook blog.

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