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Reddit Reveals ‘Top 500’ AMAs

Reddit Reveals ‘Top 500’ AMAs

Reddit AMA Top 500 ListOne of the most popular features on social sharing website Reddit is its use of AMA (Ask Me Anything) showcases. During those events actors, comedians, politicians and other well known and lesser known people receive questions from Reddit users and then answer those questions.

AMAs have been used by everyone from President Obama to Arnold Schwarzenegger and now Reddit has chose to share its “Top 500” AMAs of all time.

Reddit breaks each list down into different categories with Actors/Entertainers and the “other” categories dominating the list with 80 and 130 mentions respectively. 

Here’s the list:

Reddit has so far hosted more than 4,000 sessions, each with at least 100 comments a piece. If you’re keeping count that is more than 400,000 comments.

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If you want to see the data being visualized be sure to check out the Reddit blog.


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