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RedditRewind Aims To Pull Up Old Memories From Weeks Past

RedditRewind Aims To Pull Up Old Memories From Weeks Past

Reddit Rewind

RedditRewind is yet another reason for site visitors to spend their time endlessly clicking through Reddit posts. Developed by platform creator and back-end developer Parham Negahdar and front-end developer Morley Zhi, the RedditRewind feature allows users to use Reddit as a virtual time machine. Redditors can find old photos, videos, and links that have been posted to popular subReddits over the last few months.

Speaking about the need for such a platform Negahdar explains:

“I saw there was lots of interest in such a thing so I launched my existing project as quickly as I could. At the time it was purely a utility. The UI was simply a list of links with dates, months, and years to visit a cache, and the result was simple list of links on the page (think 4chan-level UI). I knew the design sucked and made an edit to my post asking if anyone would be willing to design the site.”

Negahdar not only created the platform, his front-end developer made it look so nice that they actually use it instead of the Reddit Enhancement Suite and the actual Reddit website. 

RedditRewind Output

The two men chose to remove a few subreddits such as atheism, politics, and gaming to avoid “quality reasons” but then “added some others we thought deserved to be included (like mildlyinteresting and /r/games).”

RedditRewind caches the front pages of popular subreddits every hour and users can search those cached pages using a sliding timeline. Users can also filter stories by time of day. Reddit in comparison chooses popularity over date timestamps.

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When users click the “open link” they are taken to the original post.

The content goes all the way back to August 29, 2012 although the timeline slider stops at November 24, 2012.


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