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RentWiki integrates rental streams to help you find a place to live

RentWiki integrates rental streams to help you find a place to live

logo-rentwikiTwitter is not just for answering the question “What are you doing?” anymore. How about using Twitter to help you look for a place to live? has added a feature that streams Twitter conversations of neighborhoods and allows renters to post specific questions via Twitter. Via live feeds, conversations give renters an idea of the local residents, social scene, and reviews of the area.

From the Twitter feeds posted on each wiki, renters can glean the type of people that live in the area, listen-in on the conversation, and interact with locals by asking for advice.

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Not all neighborhoods though have conversations going on. Also, businesses can obviously ask people to talk about their neighborhood to get some traffic going. Any other downside?

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  • It was really just a matter of time…wasn’t it? Twitter has become, and will continue to become, the go to place for people to communicate about anything. I have been a twitter member for the past 6 months. My original intention when I joined was to promote my real estate appraisal business, which it has done quit nicely, but what I didn’t expect was the personal and professional relationships I would make through it. It’s really one-stop shopping, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m curious to see just how far it will go and grow in the coming year.

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