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Research to identify how bloggers source their content

Research to identify how bloggers source their content

Marketwire announced the launch of a comprehensive research study designed to identify how bloggers source and use news content.

“As a newswire responsible for the dissemination of corporate news, we take our role in working with bloggers and members of the social media very seriously. We feel strongly that any social media products we develop should directly result from our conversations not only with clients, but with the bloggers and members of the social media community they wish to reach. Developing solutions that work for our clients, but without specific regard for and input from the important social media audiences they want to reach, simply isn’t an option – this is the catalyst for our research,” said Thom Brodeur, senior vice president, Global Strategy & Development for Marketwire.

The 13-question survey was co-developed by Marketwire and SNCR Senior Fellow Sally Falkow of Expansion Plus, an Internet marketing and PR firm specializing in online news and social media. The initial groups targeted for the administration of this survey included blogs, bloggers and social media in industry and market sectors including: automotive, biotech, energy, entertainment, financial and high tech.

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The survey results will be announced by Marketwire later this summer and will be presented at the SNCR Research Symposium in Boston in December.

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