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ReveNews moves to full-text feeds

ReveNews moves to full-text feeds

Jim Kukral’s ReveNews has moved to full text feeds, following in the footsteps of Darren Rowse and many others.

Jim warns would-be content thieves with this comment:

I’ll just say this to anyone who is trys to steal our content. Have you seen some of the people on our author list? These are not the types of people to mess with.

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Should we move Blog Herald back to full text feeds? What do you do with your own blogs?

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  • Personal and Tertiary blogs, yes. Commerical blogs with ads, no. If PVs matter to you, why would you do it?

    This is another fad. I predict everyone will be doing the opposite before very much longer.

  • I’ve only set one blog to full feeds, my ‘opinionated’ blog .. call HART crazy .. I like to think I will change the theme every 2 weeks or 2 months whenever I feel like it, and nobody will notice. Then, one day they will come and look at my site and say .. “Oh . that’s different” (that is, if I ever get traffic on that blog – it sucks) … // all the others are set to 200 characters .

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