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Review: The Dissident Frogman

Review: The Dissident Frogman

Warning: Surrender Blog! or that would be our usual response to stumbling accross a blog from a citizen of France, but then we met the bilingual Dissident Frogman and starting thinking that maybe the blood of the thousands of Australians, English and Americans who died on the Western Front did result in a positive outcome in some parts of France.

The Dissident Frogman is on our side, and this shows in his blog from the US flags to the remarkable flash slide shows of action from Iraq and stories on WMDs.

His writing is remarkably clear and concise for a non native English speaker, and the subject matter, naturally Euro-focused, gives fresh and interesting insight into matters on the continent from a different perspective than most of his fellow country men.

But what most struck The Blog Herald about his blog was the design, fresh, clear, clean, modern, and a whole lot of other positive words that we shall not repeat here. The site is definately one of the best personal sites we have seen for a long time. The though gone into the design and its practical uses are superb; perhaps a Bloggie nomination coming up?

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For something different, and for inspired design, we are happy to recommend The Dissident Frogman

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  • yeah, well, with a full *154.52 KB* front page, gratuitous Flash navugation (so 1999, darling), I was able to avoid both the ‘ fresh, clear, clean, modern’ and the right wing nonsense.

    thank christ all weblogs aren’t like this, or that all french people aren’t like the ‘frogman’

    oh, and plase don’t in any way think that the French didn’t pay, either in blood (men sent in WW1 –

    Great Britain 8,905,000
    France 8,300,000
    United States 4,355,000
    Australia 322,000

    – deaths in action –

    France 6,160,800
    Great Britain 3,190,235
    United States 325,018

    or in dollars for the Western Front

  • Foo
    I hope you read this, I havent bothered emailing your address because it looks pretty fake to me: youve not got the courage of your convictions to post a real address. Firstly, your figures are all wrong try:
    also I cant talk definitively on US figures, because lets face it, they joined WW1 at the last minute and didnt contribute an awful lot, even through US history has them as winning the war! The Western Front had already turned by the time they had arrived (despite the last major German counter offensive in late 1917), try Bullecourt, Villiners, Wimeraux etc. Australia sent 10% of its then population to the war and had the highest mortality and injury rates of any nation fighting: why: because we were always in the thick of things. I know that the Dissident Frogman represents the true France: there are still country towns in France that celebrate Australia today. The views of the socialist political elite cloud mine, and many others view of France.

  • What about the latest remarks of the Ex-president Mr. Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton feels that the attack on Iraq was a blunder. So do I. War means death. Death to soldiers, civilians, attackers, defenders and everybody involved. Counting deaths is no use. We should do something to stop these deaths. Can we do something ?

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