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Many bloggers blog for a cause, others may do so for personal gratification (see, and some blog for a higher power. The Godblog, as well as having a great name, covers a range of Christian philosophy and belief in a way that is easily accessible by a wide audience and is regularly updated with new posts.

“But I’m not a Christian” you say, we’ll the site is a great example of spreading a message in a clear and concise manner: it won’t win awards for design, but the layout is clean, simple, and draws the reader to the message at hand.

Author Trudy Schuett of Arizona, also has some interesting things to say on Blogging, in the email correspondence we have received from her.

“Blogs are what a lot of people were hoping the Internet was going to be,” says Schuett, which puts an interesting take on the blogging movement.

Minister Trudy Mackay, a contributor to the site, has some nice things to say also: “”The problems we have today are not men’s only, or women’s only issues. Most of our problems come from forgetting we all need to cooperate — not just with each other, but with the will of God. We all need love and peace in our lives”. We can’t argue with this.

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The blog won’t be for everyone, but in an age of celebrity politics and often crass blogging, the simple things in life, and the blogosphere, can give us relief from its purity of form.

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