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Right dominates left in the Top 250: study

Right dominates left in the Top 250: study

The study from political think tank The New Politics Institute has found that right wing political blogs out number left wing political blogs 149 to 101 amongst the Top 250 political blogs online.

The report “Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere: A New Force in American Politics,” found that left wing blogs lead their right wing rivals in the top 40 by 24-16 but suffered greatly after this, and that the dominance of right wing blogs at a more grassroots level presented a “a serious problem that progressives must confront”.

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  • In a report that trumpets the Daily Kos as the biggest political blog in the world and states that “Progressive online communities are increasing their audience share at a much faster rate than the conservative blogosphere” you somehow translate the report’s positive news into a gloom-and-doom outlook for the Left.

    Way to spin that media.

  • Not too surprising as the media is dominated by liberals. Conservatives will probably start more blogs as time goes on, although the most popular blog to this day is still Daily Kos (or is it Instapundit?)

  • And once again, the moron swashbookler demonstrates by his utterly vacuous comment why the leftards are losing, and will continue to do so. Here’s a newsflash dumbass; there are gays and blacks who are very politically conservative and vote Republican, and their numbers are growing, because Republicans don’t treat them as some kind of housepets, but as people, with all rights and responsibilities pertaining thereunto. Also, we’re not scared of the media, we just know it for the liberal propaganda machine that it is. You’re an idiot for even mentioning ho’s, because pretty much every political womanizer in the last hundred years has been a democrap. You guys are so stupid it’s almost funny, if it weren’t so tragic. If all liberals died tomorrow the national average IQ would jump by a hundred point.

  • Reply to Improbulus Maximus:

    Nice try about the dems being the only womanizers around big guy. I think you forgot about your hero Newt, who after finding a new babe served divorce papers on his wife in the hospital. Heres another gem from the archives, remember a guy named Livingston? Gee whiz wasnt he like a speaker of the house or something? Maybe he was a dem in disguise?

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