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Rocketboom: On the Record

Rocketboom: On the Record

The Rocketboom saga continues with Amanda’s post late last night on her blog sharing the private communication between here and Andrew that led to the split:

Andrew responded the next day by saying he would not respond to this letter. This then was followed by days of back and forth negotiations, ending yesterday, on Independence Day, with Andrew telling Chuck Olsen, our mediator, that he was taking control of the show and my option was to be the “face” of rocketboom with no involvement beyond that (I might in the future be allow to “produce shows”, but not for the time being). Very old media. Considering I have personally written, produced, and hosted Rocketboom and was already a producer on Jet Set, this was totally unacceptable. I don’t know any “partnership” that functions like that.

And there’s plenty more as well.

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There’s much argument in the back and forth email about the ownership of Rocketboom. I just hope for both of their sakes that they have a legal agreement in place that spells out each other’s obligations – or we’re going to see one heck of a fight.

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