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Rosie O’Donnell blogs

Former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell has joined the blogosphere with a blog: formerlyROSIE.

The NY Times reports that the blog is part journal and part political rant and offers a plain view of some rococo mental architecture.

Strangely though, the blog seems to have two versions, the NY Times reports an address of whilst Ms Magazine reports the address as, both blogs have the same contet but different designs.

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Update: new blog is up here and is running WordPress.

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  • I would like to see if I can get Rosie O’Donnell’s email address so that I may email her and just share some thoughts with her. If I could please get that, I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks.

  • lol. my email address has no religious meaning. dear rosie, i read your blog. you sound like me, “i am on a quest for calm”. you sound as if you are too. i live in, queens.i find my calm by spending the summer in ocean beach, fire island.a family town, sand, sun, shoeless happy kids painting sea shells and selling them from their red waggons for a buck. the calm of the ocean in a very relaxed place. you can even wear your clothes with paint on them and no body cares. i can be calm in a very calm place. no cars allowed,only bikes till 7pm then you walk. salt air good for the sinus.check it out. if it sounds good drop me a note -i can give you a great r/e agent to rent or buy (she used to rent to tony randall) i rent from her (not trying to solicit business for her- just a nice honest lady)–. i hope that you achieve your quest for calm. ps. you can be back in nyc in about 1 hour if you have close yet a world away. if this sounds good maybe ill see you there and i will say hi.
    wishing you calm,

  • I agree with the guy that says shut your mouth Rosie. I think if your fan base knew the real you, Rosie would be a thing of the past. Half her staff was scared to death of her during her show, and magazine run. Now she is trying to use a blog to get some attention in hopes her new movie wont flop. There are so many better actresses out there that do so much for this country and are not the tyrant she is. I hope one day soon she will be seen for the person she really is and see her charities are no more than a way to mask the monster she really is.

  • Rosie,

    I still miss your show, your magazine and hearing your viewpoints as much now as ever! Your input was insightfull, funny, passionate and sometimes very powerfull. You DID have a positive inpact on so many people and I for one, want you to be happy, content and to come back so I can get my “Rosie Fix”!

  • Rosie – I think you are a champ…people have posted here how you were/are a tyrant…we all have a little tyrant in ourselves! I have always said I was a cross between Rosie & Roseanne (scarey thought huh!!) You are two people who made it OK to be different – not the stereotypical slim trim politically correct woman…that sums me up & I love you both for it. Thank you! P.S. I think the previews for your new movie look incredibly impressive – I can’t wait to watch

  • Rosie – I think you are a champ…people have posted here how you were/are a tyrant…we all have a little tyrant in ourselves! I have always said I was a cross between Rosie & Roseanne (scarey thought huh!!) You are two people who made it OK to be different – not the stereotypical slim trim politically correct woman…that sums me up & I love you both for it. Thank you! P.S. I think the previews for your new movie look incredibly impressive – I can’t wait to watch

  • I hope Rosie is able to read this posting!!!!!!!! Finally, after five years of long distance dating, my partner moved to Toronto and we were married. We are very happy but she has her grown children and four grandchildren in the States. They are suchc a large part of her life. It is horriable to be separated like this. The border is horriable most of the time. We want to move to the States. I am a Paralegal/Law Clerk. Do you know any attorneys that need an experienced, mature, eager Paralegal???????? I need to be sponsored to move to the US. I know this is really reaching but we are finding brick walls everywhere we turn. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Gail

  • While I completely disagree with Rosie’s politics and her attack on Tom Selleck (no I haven’t forgotten), there are far more ways in which I admire her.

  • Hi Rosie
    I also misses your talk show. and I am your
    biggest fan.
    I just like to say I wish i came to your show just to see you.I read all of your books. Plus saw all of your show. You my no 1 Actor . Now
    that you are going to be in Theatre. I will make
    it there to see you .Is it going to be hard to get tickets. Also Can i buy or get one of your
    demin Jacket thatyou wore on your show.
    Please try and get back to me .I am sorry i misses you when you came to albany . Because i saw you on channel 6 news. Thes next time you come to Albany I would love to have Lunch with you .Your Friend Flo p.s. If you cant get me the jacket thats ok your still my friend.i dont need that jacket to keep on watching you . I really do misses your show . That was the best .Now i saw you on tony Danza and You can be Tony and Rosie Show.Come back to your Fan.

  • Hi Ro
    My daughter was at the library yesterday and came upon your book ( Find Me) She knew what a fan I was and decided to check the book out for me. I read it in it’s entirety today and enjoyed it ever so much.We have a lot in common you and I.I too had a terrible childhood and I am still trying to find myself.The trauma I suffered as a child and even throughout my entire life will stay with me forever.I’m scared all the time and I’m always thinking I’m not good enough.Since I realized the truth about death and dying, it’s like I’ve been waiting for it to come and get me.Sometimes I wish for it because I am so lonely.I’m really sorry to be rambling on like this…you don’t even know me, but I feel such a strong connection to you, especially since I read your book.Some day, if I am lucky enough, maybe I will get to meet you.There is so much I would like to tell you but I don’t want to bother you with petty little things like my life.I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.
    A fan for life.
    Camilla williams-LeBlanc.

  • are a disgusting waste-of-skin, a non-talented hollywood fruitcake with a big mouth, a narrow-mind, and a lifetime of double-standards.
    We used to hang traitors like you, now we call them stars and bless them with fat checkbooks.
    These are your good features.

  • Dear Rosie,
    Oh my God Hsur went on and on and on! Whatever! That’s what I’m trying to teach my boys when someone is bothering them, annoying them or teasing them…say WHATEVER? Anywho…
    Wondering if you have any thoughts on how I could form a stronger voice for a Foster Parent Support group. I’m thinking in regards to Legal aid or how to fight for the children when your role is not the guardian. Maybe some sort of National Foster Parent’s association? My partner and I are in Illinois and have had horrible experiences with Caseworkers. We didn’t have any place to turn and blindly found our way through. We fought the Circuit Court, Appellate Court and finally were heard in the IL Supreme Court and WON this past January. Our foster son now has permanency and two moms! This was a big victory for Illinois, however, we feel our mission is not complete! We were honored guestes at Lambda Legal’s Bon Foster Fundraiser in Chicago on 4/28 and received wonderful acalades from good people. Sure felt good, but as I previously stated feels like there’s more for us to do. If this message reaches you and seems to peak your interest, I would love to hear your thoughts on what we could do next.


  • as a long time fan of yours rosie, I was really disgusted with your comments on geraldos show on the fox news the other day. my son is over in iraq right now fighting for this country and for you to go on t.v. and say his commander and chief is a war criminal and should be hung, shows what kind of person you really are. just go back home rosie eat 5 pounds of fudge and shut up!!! this former fan doesnt want to here it!!!!!

  • To Tammy:

    So you succeeded in depriving some boys of the chance of ever having a father. And you think that is something to be proud of? Kids deserve a real family with a mom AND a dad- but then it is never about the kids is it -its all about pushing some warped agenda. Your “Whatever” attitude is exactly the kind of selfish indifference that is the problem.

  • Rosie, I just viewed your Hallmark Story, Riding the Bus with my sister…I cant even begin to tell you enough that you are a superb actress. I was so impressed (as with your other films) the details you acted out in the film, for it seemed like you were that special person you portrayed. Keep up the good work, and to hell with every critic that sticks their nose into your personal life…You have got a fan here…actually my husband and I are fans, but, men never let you know…in fact I caught him several times almost wiping a tear during this show…men lol….Please dont ever stop being yourself, because if you did, many of us couldnt be us..we believe in you and thank God you believe in you as well..Sincerely Caroline Hood West Lafayette Indiana.


  • Rosie, I just viewed the Hallmark special – you were great. You just proved to everyone that watched it what a great actress you are. I always enjoyed watching your talk show. You are a funny and caring person. I miss your magazine and really dont care for the magazine that gave to finish my years of subscription. Again Rosie, keep up the great work. I wish you success in all you attempt to do. Take care. Jan Marshall


  • Dear Rosie,
    I have never written on anything like this before nor did I know what blog was until I started looking for a way to get my note to you.
    Even at times when I don’t agree with you politically you make that OK. We could Agree to Disagree. I believe it I met you in person I as I have over the year over tv. have learned so much from you. I think you try to act responsibly with all your efforts.
    I must tell you I miss you so much, I am from Colorado and it was you who helped me through the Columbine chaos, even though I had no personal friend or relation in the event it effected me greatly.
    You helped me through some major surgeries when I was bed bound and had no joy in daytime television except you.
    You helped me remain calm in the days after 9/11 when I was expectant with my first child and in a very dangerous pregnancy.
    My daughter said she liked Rosie before she said she liked me.. ha ha lol.
    When a little girl in our neighborhood’s mother went to prison on some very serious charges I wanted so much to give her something to hold on to but I was broke. I gave her my Rosie Doll (the big soft one that talked) I miss it so much myself but I wanted her to have something soft and soothing to hold on to.
    Again I am not some weird o maniac stalker fan.
    I am a regular housewife that has 2 beautiful girls and has started a non-profit support group for people going through or looking into weight-loss surgeries that believes in “doing unto others as I would have them do unto me”.
    That is all. I just saw your Hallmark Movie and i have cried all evening until I was lead to the computer to try and find a way to email you.
    I wish you all the happiness in the world, for you have granted me happiness in some very dark times. I feel everyday as though I miss a very dear friend. I hope someday when your children are older you will find yourself unable to resist another daily talk show be it morning, noon, or night.
    With sincerest wishes.
    Beth from Boulder, co.

  • Rosie… I saw the Hallmark special and all i can say is WOW!

    wow!, that ANYONE would praise that performance. Did you spend your research time by watching re-runs of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure? Horrible job fatty!

  • I agree with you Beth Culpepper That touched me as well very good job and I appalaud you Rosie job well done keep up the good work.

  • Rosie:

    What a bunch of fruitcakes, Bla, Bla, Bla. I think I’m going to puke!

  • Hi Rosie…..I just wanted to tell you that I saw “Riding the Bus With My Sister” on Sunday night and I thought you were absolutely fantastic…..My daughter and I watched it together and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. You were magnificent..and of course Andie McDowell was great too. But my dear you should receive every award in the business for that performance. It was so terrefic. My daughter LuAnn has an 11 year old daughter that is autistic, and is in a group home. She visits her everyday, and it was the hardest thing she ever had to do in her life when she placed her in the home. LuAnn is a single mom and didn’t have the means….housing or finances to be able to care for her. We love Megan very much and we puut up with the looks and comments when we take her someplace. LuAnn moved home with me so she can try to save money to get a place of her own someday, so that she can at least have Megan home for the weekends etc. She is the best mother in the world to Megan and her 12 year old son, Thomas. To get back to the subject….I didn’t mean to ramble on … did the best acting job I have seen in a long time….please know that you made our night, tears and all when we saw the show…we really miss your talk show. God Bless you Rosie and please keep up the good work. We love you………….

  • Rosie…Loved you since your stand up days!Super!
    LOVED your magnificent performance (Riding the Bus w/My Sister) Sun. night! You are the best.
    Formerly from Commack myself, I loved hearing references about our town during your Talk Show. I once heard you mention my old neighbor, Peggy Hiler! Imagine, on national TV! Dot Rossillo
    I used to shop @ Rainbow Ranch in middle Is; too!

  • holy crap!!! i was just wondering around the internet and found this fiasco…wow.i am an avid reader of as im sure youve seen my name all over it. i love to comment…anyway. what the hell is with these people haters???why do they waste their time….and why would they watch your movie if they claim they hated it…sounds like they need to start”blogging themselves” ha!

    oh that reminds me, when are you going to start making those tshirts?? i would love to wear one and have people have no idea what im talking about….toni

  • rosie, i love you and miss you terribly. could you just e-mail me occasionally, i would feel as tho i’de won a lottery. i am 64 years old and work full time as a radiographer who specializes in cat scan. please write me, i miss you like there has been a death in my family. be happy and be healthy ro

  • Rosie,
    First off, thank you for being the genuine individual that you are. People often do not agree with your truth’s but you hold true to your convictions.
    I have a unbelievable idea for a show that no one else could host but you. I have been throwing the idea around and everyone thinks it is a great idea. But only you can host it because it is something that is near and dear to your heart.
    I haven’t a clue how to go about making this a reality. Perhaps you can help!
    A Big Time Fan.

  • That’s all we need, an Irish Washerwoman suggested we trial President Bush for war crimes. Is there an island we can send her to? Just keep her off TV please!!! She is a billboard for Republicans.

  • Free speech in this country unfortunately guarantees clueless morons like O’donnell to shoot off her pie hole on political issues better left to politicians. The majority of this country agrees with the President on the Iraq war, gay marriage, etc. Yet, anti-war peaceniks like Ms Piggy insist on bashing President Bush at every opportunity. Her idol, Hillary Clinton was FOR the Iraq war. You don’t see much “Hillary bashing” from the over-sized hippo-cryt. Instead of calling for Bush to be tried as a war criminal, Rosie O should stick to “entertainment”, and be worried that the courts will finally rule her “marriage” to Kelly (God help her) Carpenter as illegal. Then as a side benefit, put the renegade mayor, Kevin Nuisance of San Franciso in jail where he belongs.

  • Had Saddam been tried for war crimes for invadig Iran and Kuwait, as you say Mr. Bush should be, he wouldn’t have been in power there to start with and there would probably have been no need to go to war in Iraq.

  • Rosie, how do you fit into the whole evolution thing? You do believe in that, right? So are gays evolutionary mistakes? What purpose do they serve in life? They can’t procreate, what purpose do they serve?
    How about you haul your fat butt to another country that wasn’t founded on Christian beliefs. The Christians are standing up to likes of you Rosie!

  • I feel that Rosie had a lot of courage to call “Bush a war-criminal.” Because that is the truth…This war is not justified!!!
    The only thing the “wing-nuts” can puke out their mouths is…”Well, we are better off without Saddam.” Bullshit! Bush is better off without him! Not the American Public! He posed no threat to the average American. The Bush-nazis are the ones that have all to gain…OIL- and of course Haliburton/they have the contract to rebuild…So many people have died…over 1600 Troops, 100,000 innocent woman and children. You Christian neo-cons should be ashamed of yourselfs!!! Useing the word of God to justify your hatred.
    If Jesus of Nazareth was anything, he was an extraordinary friend of the downtrodden, definitely a Liberal, whose advocacy on their behalf so infuriated the ultra-Conservative religious and political leaders of his day that they had him killed to prevent the public from hearing the very liberal teaching that you will see quoted in Jesus’ own words here on this web site !
    Those who actually know what the Bible says about the life and teaching of Jesus, should recognize that far from being like Jesus of Nazareth, today’s “Religious Right” are much more like the kind of clerics who battled this revolutionary prophet from the day he opened his mouth until the day they had him nailed to a cross.
    If Jesus were to come back today…You all would just cruicify him again…Because he would not fit the mold of what a christ is in your self-rightious eyes!

  • Hi Rosie..I was just wondering if you still scrapbook, I saw you on The View last week..and I loved your artwork on your Altered Coat. I love watching you…I hope someday you will come back to TV the mean time..Enjoy Your Family.


  • I want to PUKE! If this HAG actress thinks her lame ass appearance on QAF is of ANY significance to the accolades this show will receive, and history WILL prove it’s outstanding contribution to LIFE in general, think again!! I can NOT believe they had this “IT” as part of it’s goodbye segment before airing the MOST CHERISHED last epidsode. This should be called a BLOB site instead of a BLOG site – this TURD in the punchbowl – it’s SICKENING! bleeeeech ..

  • This dike chick has taken the cake now She is using the biggest national disaster to vent her frustration from her president not winning the election, blaming Bush is not the answer. she’s sitting at home (Very comfortable i’m sure) on her fat ass, can’t send any money for the relief of the people in the gulf states because she spent too much on her presidential campaign, her choice for president may have won if she hadn’t gotten involved. The only way she can stay in the headlins or get a mention is to blab about how much our president is at fault for this terrible tragedy. She and people like her are the reason this country is in the shape its in now, I’m sure one of the reasons Osama Binladen doesn’t like the UU.S. is because women are doing wemen and guys are doing guys, not that I care, but don’t trash my president for your troubles. I have raised two children (that I had w/ my wife, not adoption because I am gay) and have made more of an impact on the world as a human being than Ms Rosie has with her talk show and magazine publishing, now she sits in her castle and shouts from the roof her dislike of what is happening around her, where was she up until she quit her talk show, living like a queen with all her money and could’nt care less about starvation, and the poor, and such. Now while she has no life,she lashes out at people i selected to lead my country. Go to hell Rosie, or just plain go away.

  • So, she’s at it again MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE do not refer to MISS PIGGY as a “queen” anything, someone might have just had dinner! Pity her poor, poor children ALTHO it keeps the “kiddies shrink” in mink or will soon. Wouldn’t it be fitting if someone wrote and she starred in a broadway show called DIE! BITCH, DIE! and DID? OH just THINK of the possibilities! and in the mean time pray, “oh Lord, with all your infinite wisdom, WHY is she still here?” AMEN – HA! pray for her MY ASS! I imagine the only time she touches a bible is for a bed tray to hold her MOO CHOW in when she beds her fat ass down to sleep. I wonder, does she pray? Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the LORD to make me a,a,a,a, humm SOFA? God forbid she eats beans, talk about FATulence! OH, there it is: the true reason the ozone is fading and FAST! oh eat shit and DIE! BITCH, DIE!

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