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RSS Abuse and the slime at Skweezer

RSS Abuse and the slime at Skweezer

Jason McCabe Calacanis has outed a site by the name of Skweezer that takes RSS feeds under the pretence of optimising site viewing for mobiles and PDA’s, then adds its own advertising to feed, basically stealing your advertising revenue whilst denying you the ability to track visitors and the like. Be sure to check Jason’s post for all the details and to make sure they are not doing it to you! Bloggers can be removed from the site by emailing the CEO at [email protected] and cc [email protected].

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  • I’ve blocked their IP ( from my server. Sadly, this option is not readily available to the vast majority of bloggers. I guess they’ll just have to inundate Skweezer with emails requesting removal.

  • Ugh. I can’t believe you included a live link to their page in the story, in a keyword relevant context. They just got a PR6 relevant link and their Google search results just got that much better.

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