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Running Dry on Blogging Juice? Here Are a Few Suggestions for Post Fillers

Running Dry on Blogging Juice? Here Are a Few Suggestions for Post Fillers

Sometimes you get writer’s or blogger’s block. You run out of inspiration (or information?) so you just can’t quite figure out what to blog about. For personal bloggers, this wouldn’t be much of a problem since their they almost always have something interesting to say about their day (or life) so far. But if you’re writing for a niche blog, sometimes you run out of steam and need to recharge. It’s been said time and again–sometimes you need some change in your blog and your blogging style to stay interesting.

Collis over at North x East suggests nine types of filler posts that you should try.

Keeping a posting schedule consistent can at times be a little taxing. There are those days when you don’t feel particularly inspired or driven or perhaps you simply don’t have the time. Hopefully you will have had the presence of mind to stock up some spare blog posts, but this isn’t always the case. That is why every blogger should know these 9 essential posts to help fill the gaps while still delivering quality content to their readers.

But first a warning: These posts are for padding purposes only. Use them at your discretion only. Overuse will cause side effects such as causing your blog to become irrelevant, distracted or offtopic.

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To summarize, these are:

  1. Speed linking
  2. Quoting
  3. Entertaining
  4. Questioning
  5. Updating
  6. News reading
  7. Recycling
  8. Having a guest blogger
  9. Making announcements

Collis also includes some examples for each–some familiar blogs and names, actually. Now, as part of #4 or questioning, let me ask you: do you have other suggestions?

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  • Find five C or D listers in your niche and link to them with a short intro or quote

    read a blog which is totally out of your niche eg if you are a tech blogger read a fashion blog

    make some wallpaper/header image/gravatar these can be easily made using flickr creative commons search some online photo editing tools and some time.

    doodle on a postcard and scan it on and give it a pseudo philosophical title

    read my blog:-)

    Propose to your favorite blogger of the opp sex/or whatever your orientation deems right

    Is your company/alma mater/school of thought supposed to be at “war” with some one? find their blogs and point out the good content.

    post the lyric and song-story of that tune that refuses to get out of your head

    read blog herald.


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