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Russian Network Vkontakte Asked To Remove 500 Pirated Movies

Russian Network Vkontakte Asked To Remove 500 Pirated Movies

VkontakteRussia’s largest social network Vokntakte has been asked by a group of Russian producers to remove upwards of 500 illegally uploaded movies.

In a letter sent from the association of Russian producers the site was asked to pull a list of films while legal action was threatened if the quickly growing social network did not comply with the request.

This isn’t the first time Vkontakte has been placed in a similar position and various other Russian social networks have also been a major and increasing source of pirated movies.

Vkontakte has also recently been added to the RIAA list of illegal music services, a network they say has caused a “significant loss” of profits for American artists.

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With 30 million active users the site offers a significantly high level of user engagement and as the site continues to grow it will continue to be more closely monitored by global agencies who are attempting to protect their own interests.

Do you think social networks and other user generated websites should be held to more accountability about the materials uploaded onto their platforms?

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