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San Bernardino County teens cited on blog death threats

San Bernardino County teens cited on blog death threats

San Bernardino County (California) Sheriff’s Department deputies issued citations to three Apple Valley school girls after they post death threats against a fellow school pupil.

On March 27 a classmates of 13 year old Heather Marino’s wrote on their blogs under a photo of Heather messages that included “I wanna kill Heather Marino!!!” and “Yeah, let’s do it! LETS DO IT ASAP if she wants an abortion we’ll give her one!”.

The Daily Press reports however that despite the initial citation, San Bernardino County Supervising District Attorney Michael McDowell has now said that there was not enough evidence to take the case to juvenile court. “There’s no intent,” he said. “You look at these Web sites and it’s a lot of trash talk with competition among the kids to see who can dish out the most graphic trash. This case appears to be a feud that’s been going on a long time, this wasn’t the first shoe dropping,” McDowell said. “Even calling it a feud is an overstatement. It’s a bunch of very immature teenagers.”

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It’s a charming world.

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  • It should be pointed out though that one of teh Columbine killers Eric Harris posted threats on his website (pre-blogging days) and it wasn’t taken seriously and look where that went. Having said that it’s not blogging or blogs that are the problem. It’s the kids and the unattentive parents that are the problem.

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