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San Diego State University students gain real-world PR experience

San Diego State University students gain real-world PR experience

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Recently, a group of Public Relations students from San Diego State University (SDSU) visited the Los Angeles branch of Allison Worldwide, where they interacted with seasoned professionals such as Scott Pansky, Lily Newman, and Abril Sosa-Pineda, an Allison Worldwide employee and recent SDSU graduate. This visit provided students with an insight into real-world PR strategies and industry trends, as well as valuable networking opportunities.

Throughout the visit, students had the chance to engage in meaningful discussions on the transformation of PR in the age of digital media, highlighting the importance of relationships, collaboration, and effective communication in the PR sector. Notably, the students left the session more enlightened about the complex dynamics of PR, and equipped with practical solutions.

For one student, Saraí Solorzano, the visit was an extremely valuable experience. She was able to establish precious connections with PR veterans, gain industry insights and advice, and even start building her professional network.

Students exploring practical PR dimensions

Her takeaway from the visit has instilled in her a great level of confidence and readiness to face her future career aspirations.

Post their hands-on experience at Allison Worldwide, the SDSU students extended their footprint in the PR community by participating in the PRSSA Western District Conference at California State University, Northridge. This provided them with a platform to interact with more PR professionals, engage in networking, and showcase their skills and capabilities.

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Shortly afterwards, the students faced a real-world challenge by a director of Lululemon’s global public affairs. They were tasked to develop theoretical diversity campaigns, an exercise that gave them a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in creating global diversity campaigns. With guidance from the director, the students were able to create unique strategies that significantly improved their problem-solving skills and prepared them for real-world PR opportunities.

The School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) at SDSU emphasizes these real-world experiences as a critical part of their pedagogical approach. Both the School’s Director, and the Director of SDSU’s Public Relations center believe that these practical sessions are instrumental in aiding students’ understanding of the PR industry, thereby enhancing their future career prospects.

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