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Saudi agency blocks access to

Saudi agency blocks access to

Reporters Without Borders today called on the Internet Services Unit (ISU), the agency that manages Web filtering in Saudi Arabia, to explain why the weblog creation and hosting service has been made inaccessible since 3 October, preventing Saudi bloggers from
updating their blogs.

“Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that censors the Internet the most, but blog services had not until now been affected by the ISU’s filters,” the press freedom organisation said. “The complete blocking of, which is one of the biggest blog tools on the market, is extremely worrying. Only China had so far used such an extreme measure to censor the Internet.”

Reached by Reporters Without Borders, the ISU recognised that it had blocked access to but did not give any reason. is the point of entry to the management interface for all the weblogs hosted on this tool. In other words, this is the webpage bloggers need to access to update their blogs.

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  • It’s interesting that at a time of such censorship in China and Saudi Arabia, the European Union is calling for the “internationalization” of the internet. In other words, away from the US Gov and ICANN into the hands of the UN. I can’t think of anything more counterproductive than that. It would mean the effective politicization of the web and the end of many freedoms.

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