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Schwarzenegger Uses Twitter to Communicate with CA Citizens

Schwarzenegger Uses Twitter to Communicate with CA Citizens

twitter-logo.jpgIn an exclusive interview with Mashable, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he loves Twitter as a mean of communication with the Californian citizen.

Q. How actively will you be monitoring the Twitter ideas shared through MyIdea4CA?

I have always been active in looking at ideas sent to me from my Twitter followers, so the MyIdea4CA website will be an even easier way to stay on top of this process.

He announced the launch of MyIdea4CA, a twitter aggregator following the hashtag #myidea4ca. The Governor will use the MyIdea4CA platform, or forum as he calls it, as a way to monitor what the citizens propose and hope to improve. Several ‘subforums’ are implemented via the use of multiple hashtags and can be followed on site, fe. Jobs and Economy. Ideas can be voted up or down by anyone and there is a negative threshold, hiding down voted ideas.


Schwarzenegger also expressed his love for the viral aspect of social media when asked about the controversial ‘knife video’.

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I thought it was great so many people worldwide watched a video where I thanked my Twitter followers for their suggestion that I autograph surplus cars to be auctioned for the state. Had I known holding a large knife would help pull in such big viewership, I might have started all my Hollywood movies that way. I do think the people of California know they elected someone who isn’t afraid to have a sense of humor or be a little more entertaining to get a point across. The knife happened to be a gift I had just received that day from a friend and it’s now been retired to my home so we’ll have to wait and see if it makes any more appearances in future videos.

A Governor with a sense of humor and who knows how to take one. Maybe the petty traditional media journos in the UK should take a look at this and understand that Twitter isn’t only about sharing when you last when to the loo.

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  • twitter has become more popular than ever now…. strange thing is that no competitor ideas are not even coming closer to it …

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