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Scoble swaps Bill for Satan: Vista made me do it!

Scoble swaps Bill for Satan: Vista made me do it!

Microsoft uber blogger Robert Scoble today announced that he had decided to worship Satan in place of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Scoble, who is pictured attempting to corrupt geek youth to join him on the dark side of the force, said that his decision had followed a number of disturbing trends from Microsoft and Bill Gates, which had led him to believe that Microsoft had started to decline as the lead force of evil on the planet, and that worshiping Bill Gates just didn’t cut it as being evil enough for him any more.

“It all started with XML” said Scoble. “Bill wakes up one morning and says that we are all going to have RSS for breakfast, lunch and tea, and that Office Asta La Vista Edition will be based on XML file formats. Well I nearly chocked on my DRM sandwich when I heard this one”

He continued “But then it got worse, management actually started to listen to all those bloggers out their instead of accepting me as the only true blogging master of the universe, and they started to respond to user complaints and issues…..and now its Vista, which looks like Mac OS X with a black paint job, I mean, sh*t, when has Microsoft ever been about delivering cool things that customers want as opposed to providing boring things that cost too much money and crash at regular intervals. ”

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Scoble refused to disclose whether there was any truth to the rumour that he’d be going to work for Google, whose do no evil mantra halo is said to have slipped to around waste height and at last reports was said to have looked more like a Brazillian sex toy.

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