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SDSU students gain PR insights at Allison Worldwide

SDSU students gain PR insights at Allison Worldwide

"PR Insights"

San Diego State University (SDSU) Communication Studies majors recently visited Allison Worldwide headquarters in LA as part of an educational trip organized by the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

This provided a chance to engage with top professionals in the sector and attend an esteemed PR conference. The event featured workshops, networking events, and insightful discussions projecting the future of public relations.

The visit led to the students drawing inspiration for their future PR careers. They collectively thanked SDSU and the PRSSA for delivering such a rewarding opportunity.

During the visit, students gained insights from PR professionals Scott Pansky, Lily Newman, and Abril Sosa-Pineda. Together they emphasized the importance of building relationships, teamwork, creativity, and strategic thinking within a global PR firm.

The students also took part in mock press conferences, honing their presentation and writing skills.

SDSU communication students delve into PR industry

A final panel discussion highlighted modern PR challenges and opportunities.

One participant, senior SDSU student Saraí Solorzano, shared how the trip impacted her career aspirations, primarily noting how it offered a holistic perspective of the PR industry. This exposure helped her to redefine her future career objectives.

The event concluded with a PR conference at California State University, where SDSU PRSSA students constituted the largest single-PRSSA-chapter group. The conference featured a keynote speech from Matt Prince along with breakout sessions and a competition to devise a diversity campaign for Lululemon.

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This platform enriched the participants’ understanding of public relations while also providing networking opportunities, with a chance to meet numerous industry professionals.

The event was indeed an expansive learning and exposure opportunity for the SDSU PRSSA students. The School of JMS at SDSU, awarded for its curriculum by PrNews, organizes such events to equip its students with practical experience and networking opportunities for their post-graduation careers.

“Our focus is to remain proactive and adapt to the evolving dynamics of the PR industry,” stated Temple Northup, the Director of the School of JMS.

The Broom Center in Public Relations, named after an esteemed long-serving professor at SDSU, continues to support PR students, educators, and professionals, advocating for industry standards. The center’s director, Kaye Sweetser, emphasized the importance of practical industry experiences in shaping students’ PR understanding and career plans.

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