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Sean Parker Calls ‘The Social Network’ A Work Of “Fiction”

Sean Parker Calls ‘The Social Network’ A Work Of “Fiction”

Sean Parker - Facebook "The Social Network" TalkNapster creator and Facebook co-founding President Sean Parker wants everyone to know that while he loves the movie The Social Network it’s a complete work of fiction.

At the DLD Conference 2011 in Munich, Parker told the audience that the movie is a “complete work of fiction.”

If you watch the video below Parker begins talking at 5:20 and says he loves the production value of the film, but that his character was portrayed in a false light:

“The part of the movie that frustrated me is actually the scene at the end where the character played by Justin Timberlake — who happens to have my name — basically writes a check to Eduardo – who I’m also, I consider Eduardo a friend of mine, and I’m one of the few people at Facebook who still interacts with Eduardo – and throws it in his face and has security escort him out of the building. And I mean, that’s just rude. This guy in the movie is a morally reprehensible human being.”

Here’s the video:

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I have to agree with Parker, even if the facts are not 100% correct, they are at least fun to watch on film.

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