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SEO offers $10,000 to bloggers to subvert the A-List

SEO offers $10,000 to bloggers to subvert the A-List

SEO John Scott, widely known more recently as the man behind the v7ndotcom elursrebmem SEO contest at v7n, has thrown down the gauntlet to bloggers to subvert the A-List.

Loren Baker writes at Search Engine Journal that Scott feels that the blogosphere is being controlled by a clique of A-list bloggers “who are sitting on top of their blogostools, and adding to their perceived level of divinity by playing link grabass with each other” and thinks that bloggers don’€™t link enough.

From Scott’€™s Internet-Marketing-Blog :

I challenge every blogger to post links to new blogs, unknown blogs and blogs not in the Technorati’€™s Top 100. And I’€™ll pay out a total of $10,000 to those who participate.

All I ask is that you announce on your own blog your intentions to blog about newer, less known blogs, and post your blog URL here in the comments. ( A link would be appreciated but is not required.)

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In six months time, I will make a list of all the blogs participating – the ones who have followed through and blogged about unknown blogs – and I’€™ll let the readers here vote and choose a winner.

Grand prize is $3,000. The top 70 runners-up will receive $100 worth of schwag or cash or gift certificates

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  • Excellent…I’ve actually been doing this on my own for the last five or six months. Most of the time, the smaller blogs are more interesting anyways!

  • I’m always looking for great blogs on internet marketing to write about. Any type of valuable information I can provide to my readers is always needed.

    I think it’s terrific that someone wants to share the wealth.

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