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SEO? SMO? How about SLO?

SEO? SMO? How about SLO?

In light of the recent remarks made by Neville Hobson et al. with the release of the incredibly vague service company called “Crayon” on Second Life, MediaPost follows up with an article on how to optimize your business on Second Life — its called Second Life Optimization (SLO), naturally.

David Berkowitz comments on how SLO might mirror search engine optimization, such as title tags, descriptions and even linking strategies. To wit:

Link development strategies are trickier in Second Life than they are for Web sites, yet I expect this tactic will become more important in the virtual setting. One of the first link building strategies marketers learn for SEO is to have their affiliates and partners link to them. In Second Life, if marketers own multiple properties, they can include billboards for visitors to teleport around to each one. Sony BMG and Reuters both allow easy ways for visitors to teleport within each of their worlds. As marketers expand their presence and enlist partners to join, offering teleportation will help the virtual world visibility.

With over one million ‘citizens’, Second Life may just be on the cusp of being real — and its clear that some marketers are taking notice.

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