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Serendipity 0.7 released

Serendipity 0.7 released

Version 0.7 of the up-and-coming PHP blogging tool Serendipity has been released.

The development of Serendipity is based upon offering a flexible, expandible and easy-to-use framework, with a sophisticated Plugin architecture, affecting both the appearance of a blog and its core features. It ships with a variety of plugins (31 bundled with the distribution) ready for plug in and play use.

The latest 0.7 release vastly improves the featurebase of Serendipity.

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New features include threaded comments, posting to multiple categories, nested categories, categories can have icons associated to them, Image manager can now handle other file formats and subdirectories, a redesigned admin interface for editing entries, MySQLi and SQLite support and all core images can now be altered via the templating mechanism

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  • After examining many options, I went with Serendipity some months ago. I really like it. But… their website has been down for at least a week now with no forwarding address and no explanation.

    That is their prerogative, although I would have appreciated at least a goodbye and an explanation for the departure.

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