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Serious SEO issue in popular WordPress plugin

Serious SEO issue in popular WordPress plugin

Darren McLaughlin over at Blog Republic has a rather alarming post regarding the widely used Democracy plugin for WordPress. The plugin, who in fact is a nice and fancy Ajax poll, is bound to give you serious issues with Google unless you apply a quick fix.

It appears that the plugin append a string to your URL for every page on your blog with the plugin, and this in turn makes Google index twice the number of pages. This just keeps going and going which Darren describes a lot better than I do.

So what can happen? Well, Google is pretty strict on these things and you’€™ll surely se your PageRank drop, as well as getting omitted search result served. Not good, not good indeed.

The plugin author, Andrew Sutherland, has yet to address this issue on his blog, but Darren points out a fairly easy fix if you don’€™t want to wait for Andrews (probable) fix. Either way you really should do something if you run the Democracy plugin!

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