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Share Your Michael Jackson Memories

Share Your Michael Jackson Memories

The official Michael Jackson website invites its visitors to share their MJ memories in classic blog comment form. As of writing there are 354 044 memories “from Michael Jackson fans worldwide”, and growing naturally. Meanwhile, the Facebook page now clocks in 2 414 413 fans. On June 26, the same page had 880 991 fans

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  • My favorite memory of Michael Jackson, was when my oldest child who is now 30 was about four or five at the time would do the “moonwalk”. Jason really thought he could do it.

    What a loss to the the artistic world, what a genius. To his children, mother, father, and siblings I express my deepest regret. There is nothing worse than losing a child, I know first hand.

    He entertained and amazed all of us. He was a true entertainer. His music will alwasys live on-but what could have been is lost forever. Michael we will miss you and thank you for the 40 something years of great entertainment. May you rest in peace, you will always live in my heart.

  • When did the surgery start? Was it after Michael was burned while making the Pepsi commercial? I think his face looks like the woman who had reconstructive surgery after her dogs ripped her face off. Could it be that Michael was so scared that he had to have this surgery done and at the time it would have been totally experimental. I think how sad that this could have been a legal silence placed upon him in the settlement and if so he did not have cosmetic surgery but reconstructive surgery

  • I was a 17-year old senior just graduating high school (1971), and myself and 3 friends were taking the Greyhound bus from Baltimore to Ocean City, MD for a weekend of debauchery, smoking pot and drinking. Debi (are you reading this?) had a portable record player and the newest MJ 45- “I’ll be There”. We sat in the back of the bus and played it over and over, lip-synching and dancing to this fabulous song. She danced in the aisle, and was magical. Mihael Jackson–I cannot believe that you’re gone. May you rest in peace, and find the peace that seemed to elude you in life.


  • Man,Michael I cant believe that you died.When I first heard it I was hoping that it was a prank.I was getting my hair done at the time.I will never forget when I was about seven(7) years old,Me and my family where on vacation to Los Angeles,California (and we also visted Neverland.)I was playing near your house two days straight.And then you came outside,And of course your fans where out there screaming.So,I ran up to you and said ?Hi Michael Jackson!?he replyed ?Hello Darling, How Are You??I said,?Im doing great!?So my family noticed that was me talking to Michael Jackson so they came up there with me.(and this is when Michael was changing color)So I gave Michael a hug,then he took my hand and kissed it.Which made me faint!My mother got an autograph for me.And then he drove off.That was a great experince for me,my mom,dad,sister,and my brother.

    I will never forget that moment,Although it was seven(7) years ago.Now im 14.


    Sincerly,Your biggest fan.I love you Michael Jackson.

  • all i can really say is wow. i still cant believe it.. i love his music even though i am only 18 i can truly say he has been THEE best artist of ALL times. No one will ever top michael hes the man. KING of MUSIC and DANCE. This tragic lost will effect the world forever. The impact he had on the globe really goes to show you how great and how wonderful of a person he really was. His music has helped most of us through our toughest times and through our best times of our lives. Without michael.. There is no such thing as music. I love you michael. Rest in paradise. your music will never be forgotten. EVER. theres so much more i have to say but it hurts to much to say it. :'[ all in all. hes the best. and always will be. The day he died is the day i found out he was actually related to me. I wish i could have been in his presence atleast once in my life time. that would have been a dream come true. I.LOVe.YOU!!! best wishes to the jackson family.

  • Growing up in the 90’s all my sister and I used to listen to was Michael. I remeber trying to show my sister is antigravity moves like in his music video smooth criminal, my sister being older and wiser then I at the time would tell me “keep trying your so close” these memories are somthing I will always treasure he is like the soundtrack to my life from dance recitals to partys and get togethers he was there…..He is and will always be a legend. It saddens me that we all appreciate and miss him so much now that he is gone. All the rumors and tabloids and now we cant imagin a world with out him. Rest in Peace Michael!!!!!

  • I grew up with Michael Jackson’s music…I used to listen to him every night,specially when I was younger…now,I miss him so much but I know his music will live forever,no matter what…Rest his soul…

  • i used to dance to michael jackson all the time as a kid, watching my mom’s old 80’s MTV videos. I miss him terribly and I think it is horrible what the media has done to him over the years. I think it is so unfortunate that all my friends know him only as a weird monkey-owning gay child molester that has spent his life trying to “become a white woman”. My generation needs to be educated. Michael Jackson is a legend and a her, and Iam so glad that he is finally at rest even though we have lost a musical genius.

  • Ooooh mann ich kann es immer noch nicht fassen MICHAAAAAAEL i miss you so much Du bist der beste ICH LIEBE DICH der einzigst WAHRE KING OF POP
    =(((((((((((((( I´m soooooo said

  • Dear Michael,

    I was born in 1984, around the time you peaked as the greatest superstar of all time. I grew up listening to your unforgettable melodies, dancing to your beat and mumbling words I couldn’t fully understand (I’m Mexican, and English didn’t come naturally at that age). I clearly remember listening to the Dangerous album around the clock when I was 8 or 9 years old. You introduced me to “grown-up” music. Then came the rough years, and my musical taste drifted to other places. I kind of forgot about you. But now, with your passing, I’ve been listening again. I’ve been analyzing your lyrics, enjoying the magic… Two things have happened. First, I came to realize what an amazing artist you actually were and how badly many of us grew to underestimate you for the past 12-15 years or so. I’m very saddened by that. Second, I have been feeling grateful to you. You have brought back feelings from my earliest childhood I didn’t quite remember. I’ve been flashing back to distant memories, such as your appearance at the 1993 Super Bowl, the time you came to Mexico City on the Dangerous Tour and the many times I watched the Free Willy movie only to hear “Will You Be There” at the end… I have to thank you for that. I know that in 10, 20 or 50 years time, I’ll just have to listen to Slash’s guitar riff on “Black or White” and I’ll instantly be 9 again. You made it; you have found a way to make people be forever young. You’ve done it for me anyway. LONG LIVE THE KING.

  • It’s sad to see how big the medium circus is right now.
    I’m so sorry for his family and his kids. To loose someone you love, is the the worst thing can happen.
    For me he was a genius, a great artist, singer, dancer… I grow up with his music. My mom showed me, when I was four years old, how great he is. I always danced in front of the tv and tried to dance like him. I remember when I got a music tape (dangerous) on my 9th birthday, I played it so often, that I still can remember which track followed the other. And last Friday, I woke up at 6am in the morning (german time) and heared what happened. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked! Michael, thank you for all your great music and fantastic videos!
    I will always love you and your music.
    In love, Nicole.

  • Dear Michael, One of your best contributions to us is your Earth Song, and the reminder –What about us? This record, this song ensures your immortality. You showed us our connection to the soil and oceans, and the need to conserve and maintain this earth, our heritage. You showed us that if we continue to destroy, we destroy our own selves, as we fight and kill for the remnants. You show us that the answer for removing the suffering and hopelessness, to remove the pain and bring back hope, is in our power. We should stop the wanton destruction as we are all connected to one another through the soil, flowing through your fingers. This is the ultimate! The Earth sustains each one of us, and when we are gone, we are broken down back to the soil. May you rest in eternal peace. Thank you for coming around here.

  • Like many of your loyal fans, I’m still trying to process the fact that you’ve passed on to the “next world.” I truly LOVE YOU, MICHAEL. One of my hopes and dreams in life was to meet you face-to-face and spend the day with you just hanging out and gettting to know you as a real person. To my utter horror and shock, my dream has been shattered forever. I hope you see you IN HEAVEN with the Lord Jesus Christ, all of his angels and the righteous men and women on God that have passed before you. I hope you gave yourself over to the Lord before the shocking news of your passing yesterday. For an entire decade (the ageless 80’s), you were my idol, hero and role-model. I loved your music, style, confidence, voice & ability to touch the lives of millions in the world through your music. You broke down SOOO many racial and social barriers. You are and always will be in my heart and the heart of the whole world. I LOVE YOU…

  • Michael, I never knew you personally but I feel as though I’ve known you forever. I’m sorry that you were misunderstood by so many. They mistook your kindness, intelligence and compassion for some kind of freak. In a world with so much hatred, injustice and intolerance, you were an image of hope. How did they get it so wrong? My heart is heavy with grief and I pray that your soul is in a better place now. To God do you belong and to God is your return. R.I.P. my brother in faith

  • r.i.p. michael u touch so many lives i grew up off your music my aunts my mom all play u it’s crazy cause i call my aunt and she was crying and she could not believe u r gone and i can’t either i still think it’s a aunt have things from the 70s pics even the bubble gum stickers i just want to say to the jackson family thanks for sharing michael with the world he will alway be missed and i’m so sorry for your loss.and to michael’s kids your dad will always be in ur heart by your side watching u he’s a angel now.R.I.P michael

  • Dear Michael, now after 10 days, that I´m able again to listen to your music, without crying the whole day, I remember the time, I saw you the 1st time on TV. A beautiful man with an incredible charming sweet smile. You´re music was, and will be, always a part of my life. I was 16, as I danced to your song „Don´t stop `till you get enough“ in discos. I often watched Captain EO at Disneyland Paris with my 1993 born son, while always sharing your love to this lovely, peaceful place, far away from the cold, brutal and ignorance world outside. Your songs, „Heal the world“, „Earth Song“, „They don´t care about us“ reflects, what you always wanted: To make this world a better place. You built a paradise with „Neverland“. And I guess, nobody can possibly imagine, how painful it was for you, to leave this lovely wonderful peaceful place.
    It`s still horrible and painful, to hear all the lies and respectless stories about you, They already broke your heart with all the lies they told about you. I would have entrusted you my son, WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS IN YOUR INNOCENCE. Should all these money-grabbling and publicity-hungry people, all the liars and the media, that destroyed your life only because of money, the people who tried to give you a bad reputation like this reporter, that tried to twist your words, get the punishment at the court, they deserve. And I´m so deeply sorry. I wish we all had supported you at these direful days in your life.
    Michael, you are a wonderful human, filled with love for this world and their children and who always tried to make this world a better place. You touched the heart of billions of people worldwide. Nobody is able to fill the space, you left. You are part of our life and you will stay in our hearts forever. We thank you so much for the gifts you gave us: Your wonderful music, your fascinating moves, your unforgetable charming smile and your affectionate spirit. Your music will live forever, pass down generations, like I pass my love to your songs to my son.
    To Prince Michael I , Paris and „Blanket“: I´m so deeply saddened because of your loss. May you have the fortitude, you have to endure at this hard time. You have the greatest Daddy of the world. He loves you so much and he always wanted to see you happy. I´m sure he´s watching you from heaven. Be proud at your Dad always and take his advice: Never believe everything, what the media wants to tell you. May God bless you
    Our minds are with Michaels children and the family.
    In honor of the King of Pop

  • MJ!!!! i can´t believe man, you are just the greatest…i still remember when i was little i heard billie jean and i would put on a black hat my mom had and pretend to dance like you! YOU ARE the reason why i am a musician!!! i don´t know if there is a heaven up there… but i believe you are in the best place of all… a place only few reach. Legends never die so you could never fade away from our hearts! I think a lot of people felt how a soul cries the minute the heard about your death…i really hope my son keeps his heart humble and gentle like yours. Its so sad how the world never understood that there was a grown up guy with a kid´s heart… i hope that now you realize and see how many of us understood you …. we love you Michael… we always have and always we! and thank you!!! for shinning on us like you always do! we are all better people now … because of you! R.I.P!

  • he is king of my childhood, i love him much than i do.
    i dream just to watch him concert, but now i know i could fail rest of my life to see pop of the king. he also god of me, his sent by god to recuse the heart of the kids. he fail, couse god has forgoten the living live was greedy for power and $. fallen god fall in drug which make by guity and also make by guity of the human being, he still my god, living in my heart even though he goes to heaven.

    thanks you bring the heaven song & hope to the earth

    michael i love u, go in peace. we will following you one day.

  • my brother is 26 and my mom rembers when he was 3 watching the danger video when michael was a monster but for ever in my heart i will always rember michael jackson i love michael jackson !!!!!! rest in peace

  • my brother is 26 and my mom rembers when he was 3 watching the danger video when michael was a monster i love michael jackson !!!!!! rest in peace

  • my brother is 26 and my mom rembers when he was 3 watching the danger video when michael was a monster! i love michael jackson !!!!!! rest in peace

  • I remember listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album when it first came out in 1983. I was in junior high. All my friends and I loved Rock but suddenly for us, there was this…Michael Jackson. We would play Billie Jean all day long! It wasn’t the best song ever written nor did it have the best music to it, it was more… it was listing to it and imagining Michael dance. It was the way it made us feel. Like something could go on forever, something good. Now after more than 25 years, sitting in the reception of Crownview Suites, my Hotel on a small island in Greece I feel saddened by the loss of Michael Jackson. I truly will miss him and his music. Good Bye Michael.

  • i loved micheal jackson….he was sooo cool and i love the song thriller…i know the dance to it…me and my friends did the dance yesterday it was funny



  • michael is god for me , for everything that he did,he was full of love for kids arround the world and there’s nobody else like him in this world.i saw him in my country( CHILE) in dangerous world tour i was 21 years old now i am 37,so i will never forgat that show was fantastic,well, is all i can say by now,god blees you michael,all my country loves you.r,i.p

  • A moment of silence for the king of POP!

    I grew up with his music, (like most people did anyway) and I’ve always loved watchin him dance and sing. Talented like no other, he took the world by storm. He has affected so many people and is a big inspiration to so many people. Losing someone so big is so highly unbelievable and it’s crazy how so many people can feel the same way about a person. What i’m writing right now is old news because this is things people have heard atleast 9239843 times before but when you watch him dance you cant help but to admire him over and over again. I wish I wouldn’t have to experience this and only because he is one of “those” who should always and forever LIVE. I’m still on denial and haven’t fully understood the fact that he is dead and will never be able to make songs again. No one will ever bring so many people together and so much love into this cold world like he did. He was so unique and i really doubt that there will ever be anyone as big as him out there. Maybe i’m wrong though? People probably thought the same way when they lost Elvis but later in life, there will be that one person who will make a difference. Even if Michael is dead, his music and memory will FOREVER live on.

    Love u

    Michael Jackson 1958-2009

  • i love michael jackson even though he’s dead. the king of pop is the best. i know michaels songs died with him even though you hear them every day. my favorite songs are thiriller,bad version 2. i watch all the michael jackson shows on E! and 7 news and every thing eles. even though i wasn’t born when he was i know he is in my heart.i will all ways remeber michael jackson all my life. when i have kids i will tell them all about michael jackson!!! i love michael jackson so much!!!!!!!!!IN MEMORY OF MICHAEL JACKSON FOR EVER LIVE ON 1958-2009

  • I remember when Off The Wall came out. I was 9 years old. I played the record so much I scratched it. But when I saw him on a 20/20 special right around the same time, I vowed to myself I was going to marry him. LOL. At 9 years of age. His extraordinary talent kept me hooked on him and his music for years. I became so much of a study and observer that I could detect every little unusual note and nuance of his singing voice. I skipped to school to come home and listen to his music all day. I was amazed by him. I can’t believe he’s gone, and I just hope now he truly knows how much he was loved. I love you Michael. I hope you treat us to a concert, front row when we see you again in the afterlife.

  • Without Michael – No music :( I have like his music in many years and when i heard he died i was very chocked. It was so big to me. I have cryed a lot. The life is not fair. Youre music Michael is here in my heart forever and youre smile!
    R.I.P Michael Jackson! I´ll never forgive you!!!

  • On Aughust 29th, 1958 a legend was born, on 25th a legend had died, a legend named michael Jackson The King of Pop, he truely was one of a kind and an incredible artist. We love you Michael Jackson and you will live forever in our hearts, Rest in Peace, Love Always xxxxx

  • I am really sorry for Michael Jackson’s death. i really wasn’t so much of a fan, but i always felt a very close connection to him.I think that he was why to young to die,but it happend. You will be missed and i hope you are finally happy. I am so sorry for all you fans and family.

  • He will surely be missed. Goodbye King of Pop. Thank you for your great contribution to the world of music. Hey, I also found this Michael Jackson comeback book that will surely become a valued collector’s item.

  • Michael, you will always be the best artist in the world, i think that, you are now in every heart , specialy in the children hearts, thank you for your wonderful music, I love you for ever……

  • I rember when I was young in my home town of angola, indiana watching him with the Jackson 5. In 1n 1983 when I was stationed in okinawa I got his thriler album, and loved it. I’ve always liked him.

  • I remember watching Michael’s videos on MTV with my friends..and wondering, how does he do that..Michael was a one of a kind musician. His talent and heart will never be matched by anyone else..To those who judge and bash him, Grow up..Michael is gone and it is no one’s place to judge him but the man upstairs..He was tortured in life by the media , paparazzi and allegations from people trying to steal what he worked so hard for..Lets not torture him is death..give him the respect he has earned and deserves..My heart goes out to his Mother, siblings and most of all his children..God bless u all!!! Rest in peace Michael..

  • In July 1984 I was hit full on by a speeding car. I still bear the scars now and the reason for the crash remains fresh in my mind: Michael Jackson.

    It was the days when school summer holidays lasted an eternity. I was 11 (nearly 12) and already by the 2nd week of the holidays, my friend Steven Blackmore and I had developed a serious shared Michael Jackson obsession…. read the rest of the story at my Michael Jackson memories blog. I would love to hear your memories.


  • I remember when i was just a little 7 year old… I remember when my sister was playing her new off the wall CD cranked to MAX on her sterio in her room. She never let me in her room so i remember sitting behide her bedroom door and just listtening to Rock with you and Dont stop till you get enough and Off the wall. I remember just loving it but i had no idea who sang whose songs. I also use to listten to alot of jackson 5 since my mom was a fan back in her days and she alwasys use to play ill be there and rockin robin for me and i would just dance to it. Once the motown 25th anniversary special was on the tv and the whole family was watching and when Micheal jackson came on the stage I saw the greatest preformance of my life! He did this move called the Moonwalk (duh) and i remember just stairing at the screan amazed of what i had just saw. I remember thinking, i am gunna learn that move. That was the day i also learned all that music my sister and mom were playing when by that same guy. I evetually learned the moonwalk 3 weeks later and i also grew a extream obsession of Micheal Jackson. I remember when i got my beat it jacket for my 11th birthday and locking my self in my room dancing to it all day! I had the glove and the hat and the sparkley socks. I just loved to preforme all my cool new MJ moves to my parents and friends. I remember thats how i got my first boyfriend haha:) I use to wear my glove to school almost everyday and my jacket. I thought only the cool kids had all the MJ gear back then! Oh and i cannot forget my first MJ concert durring his Bad Tour i went with my sister her friend and my boyfriend at that time. I had a blast. Even tho my boyfriend was there i had a moment when i touched MJs hand i accidently screamed out MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!! so loud i think my boyfriend got a little pissed haha. Just to prove my point I was a HUGE fan of MJ and i hope you rest in peace…. I am still in shock from his death it feels like he is still with me. I always felt sooo close to him. I hope you are living with the angels were you belong MICHEAL! I love you. The only bad thing is i actually never got around to marring you:P

    • I am sorry Ayden but if you were a die hard fan you would know that Michael HATED being called JACKO!!!! SMH

  • The sweetest memory of michael jackson to me is the first time i ever hear heal the world live in dangerous was 5th april 2015 and i was in my friend’s house, i asked him to show me some dvds of mj and he took out dangerous tour live at bucharest. I knew him, as if (he was so popular), from my birth and im 14,but i was never seriously in any mj stuff.i couldnt really explain exactly how i felt hearing heal the world.its my all time favourite.i was touched by his magic,it was the best feeling of my 14 year old life,a heavingly feeling that i never experiance before,i smiled that day hearing him and even today i do the same.his entering into my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. i think thats what he wanted to do,make others smile and feel loved. And yes he was succesful,though he had ceased to be physicaly here but he won’t die unless we forget him,which will never be.he will live on forever and ever in our hearts.
    RIP! I love you michael,i do!

  • My first memory of Michael…I was 4 years old, in 2000. We’s always play the ‘Thriller’ album on the gramophone. We’d fight over it wanting to hold it or play it first. I particularly loved staring at the album cover, him adorned in the black shirt and white suit and having this far-away look in his eyes. I also loved how his hair shone from the light. I loved everything about it!

    It’s still hard for me to accept his gone, to fathom how he could go through so much pain and ridicule in his extraordinary life. How people make such a big deal of his “many” plastic surgeries…of the fact that his children have more of a white appearance than of a black appearance, that he bought Neverland just to bring joy, innocence and happiness to people. How is that weird? SMH.

    He will always stand the test of time. His music transcends all barriers and can be heard all over the universe. His kindness and labour of love will always be felt and of course his pure spirit will live on…through his children, family and fans. He loved his fans so much and always made us feel loved.

    I can’t just pick one thing I miss about him. I miss EVERYTHING about him. His music, dancing, his beauty (in and out) his smile, his big sad eyes, his laugh, his L.O.V..E., his humor, his child-like persona…., I just miss you Michael

  • My best memory is when Thriller had been released and myself and my family couldn’t wait to see it premier on MTV. In Christmas 1984 i received my very own custom made Thriller Jacket my mum and dad had bought me. I was so thrilled with it i never took it off haha. I went to school discos and events in it and wore it at home and out and about. I still have it but sadly it doesn’t fit any more .. chuckle .. but its the best present and surprise i ever got. Seeing him for the first time in the Thriller short film was the best thing ever as it will always be the tops to me. May he live forever in our hearts as it is he who has inspired me to draw him being a well known artist now of MJ my Facebook page has 3107 likes. I work for a wonderful author Dennis H Christen who wrote Lundon’s Bridge and the three keys which stars Paris in the film .. I draw the illustrations for the junior novel due out this summer hopefully. Its all so very exciting …
    So when you think of it Paris’ boss is my boss .. feel free to search for ArtByDay on Facebook and Lundons Bridge book series page.
    Thank you Michael for everything you have done for sick children, animals and the earth. Most of all thanks for being a wonderful humanitarian first and a genius entertainer.
    We all miss you so much from all your fans.

  • My best memory of Michael was when my family and I were waiting for the premier of Thriller on MTV UK. I first loved the Jacksons but when i saw Thriller i was hooked on Michael straight away. I received a surprise at Christmas 1984 when i my parents had bought me and had custom made a Thriller jacket of my very own. I was over the moon i wore it at school disco events, parties, town, places i visited .. in fact i never took it off apart from the obvious haha. I wore it at a school sponsored all night disco and i even wore it at the idea homes exhibition in London where i fainted as i got too hot wearing it haha. So many memories of good times being asked to dance to Thriller in my jacket at weddings and christenings .. every where i went people asking me to do the thriller dance which i knew off by heart. Now i work for Dennis H Christen ( an actor author and producer) as i am a MJ artist and well known on Facebook for my drawings of Michael. I was discovered by Mr Christen with the help of my best friend who approached him to tell him about my art. He immediately sent a message right back to her saying he wanted an illustrator for his junior novel of Lundon’s Bridge and the three keys which stars Paris’ first acting role next year. The junior novel i draw for is suppose to be released this summer. So i guess you can say Paris’ boss is my boss .. I also have done work for the Maker of dreams Mr Robert Swinson who created Neverland Valley Park and i created his memory in 1990 in a drawing for last October for his book for the 25th Anniversary of the inauguration of the park. Just want to say Michael if it wasn’t for you .. your kindness of being the best humanitarian the planet has ever known aside from Princess Diana the love for the earth and sick children. God bless your memory your heart and your soul we all love you and miss you .. always will .. your memory and legacy will live on in our hearts .. Thank you so much ..

  • Growing up, I went through a lot at a young age. My family was going through a rocky time and I guess I had a lot of anger and sadness growing deeply inside of myself. I was 10, it was a rainy and overcast 25th of June. My mother was in the phone with my grandma when she asked if we had heard that Michael Jackson had died. I just remember asking, “Who’s that?” My mom explained to me that he was a very famous performer…that I had never heard of. I was young, this was the time when Disney channel had Hugh School Musical and Hannah Montana…that was what I knew. Simple as that.

    We went inside and she turned on the tv to see the news. I sat there on her bed watching MTV with her, listening to this mans music. To this day, I will never be able to express the feeling that I had in the center of my core when I heard him, watched him, saw him. I knew right then and there that something magical had just happened. When I heard him sing, all of my anger disappeared. It was as if millions of bricks just lifted off of my chest and vanished. I watched him in awe, totally being captured into what I saw.

    Almost 7 years later, I still grieve the lost of the man that helped me find myself in the mess of things. If i had never discovered his music, God only knows where I would be today. It’s very bitter sweet because I gained so much, but I gained it on the day that we lost him. It’s sad to me, but of course, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll always hold him in my heart for the rest of my lift. He will always have a special place in my soul and home. I can just only hope that he knows how much I love him…and how thankful I am for what he has done for me, unknowingly. Thanks to Michael, I’ve learned to dream again. My goal in life is to do at least half of the good he did for others. I don’t know how to change the world or reach out to people such as he did, but I’m going to give it my best. I want to inspire people just how he inspired me.

    No, I didn’t meet him. No, I’ve never hugged or spoken to him face to face. But I know that he’s in my heart. I know that through my life time, I will defend him till my last breath. I might not have been there to have helped him through the hard times, but I’ll always be a Soldier Of Love for the rest of my days.

    Love you, Michael.<3

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