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She Was a Teenaged Blogger

She Was a Teenaged Blogger

NRO looks at the movement behind Cecile DuBois, and since we’ve posted on Glenn Reynolds once today, how the Blogfather can make or break a blogger
She Was a Teenaged Blogger | NRO
“My 14-year-old blogger daughter got Instalanched last week, after she wrote about how her English teacher had ridiculed her in front of the class for writing an un-p.c. paper. I’ve heard what happens when the mighty Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds links you but never seen it up close, and it really is amazing: From 100 hits a day (typical for a teenager’s blog) to 100 an hour, with links to dozens of other blogs and almost 200 posted comments from Edinburgh to Auckland”

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  • i find it weird that everyone agrees with her. when i say stuff like that i get dissed by almost everyone all the time. maybe they’ve deleted the negative response in the comments on her website.

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