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Shiny Media launches TechScape, a UK-focused Web 2.0 blog

Shiny Media launches TechScape, a UK-focused Web 2.0 blog

The UK’s largest blog network, Shiny Media, has officially launched its newest technology blog. TechScape will look at everything “Web 2.0”, with a particular focus on what’s happening in the UK, and on the mobile Internet.

It’s edited by mobile/web expert Stuart Dredge, Shiny’s ‘mobile-aholic’ CEO Ashley Norris, and me (I don’t plug every blog I write for, honestly) Between us there’s plenty of knowledge, wit, and humor – I’ll leave it to you to decide who brings what.

TechScape will feature interviews with key influencers in the UK, reviews of web 2.0 projects, plus news and commentary on the main web 2.0 stories of the day, and a look at how brands are engaging with the new crop of web sites. All written in the usual Shiny style.

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I’ve always felt that the UK lags behind when it comes to the acceptance of blogging, and Net entrepreneurialism. There are an increasing number of decent Web 2.0 projects coming out of the UK, though, and we have a strong mobile culture. Sites like TechScape will be reporting it all. Should be an interesting journey.

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