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Shiny Media launches US fashion blog network

Shiny Media launches US fashion blog network

London-based Shiny Media has announced the launch of a US-based fashion-focused blog network, kicking off with two blogs — Shiny Style, about fashion, and Shiny Gloss, about makeup — and coinciding with New York Fashion Week, which starts today.

Though it may seem strange for a British blog network to target its sites specifically at a US audience, Shiny’s CEO, Ashley Norris, explains that a couple of their existing fashion blogs already have a strong following in North America.

“Brits launching US-only blogs might sound as daft as trying to sell ice to the Eskimos. However, our existing London based blogs — Catwalk Queen and Shoewawa — are already in the top ten fashion blogs read by Americans [source], so we do have a good track record across the pond.”

Shiny Media already has a number of talented American writers. Shiny US’s Editorial Director, Andrea Thatcher, explained: “Shiny Style and Shiny Gloss will keep all that’s great about Catwalk Queen and Shoewawa like the quirky stories, videos and focus on affordable fashion, but the blogs will written by Americans for Americans, and will major on what’s hot in US fashion stores.”

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Shiny Media plans to roll out up to ten fashion blogs in the US over the coming months. Run from the East Coast, freelance bloggers will be sought from all major US conurbations.

[Andy Merrett writes for several of Shiny Media’s technology blogs]

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