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Singapore bloggers charged for racist remarks

Singapore bloggers charged for racist remarks

Two Singapore bloggers have been arrested for violating Singapore’s sedition laws by posting “anti-Muslim comments” on their blogs.

Reuters reports that the men, aged 25 and 27, face charges for promoting ill-will and hostility between ethnic communities on their blogs in June by posting “racist remarks” aimed at Singapore’s Muslim ethnic Malay community.

If found guilty, they can be jailed for up to three years or fined up to S$5,000, or both.

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  • In response to Chris N and Hidden Nook.

    I am glad that the 3 bloggers are charged in court for “racists remarks” as of today, Sept 17.

    Does the freedom of speech give you the birth right to hurt other people’s feelings?

    If you live in a racial harmony country like Singapore, you treasure all that the Leaders of the country do for “racial harmony”. I do my part by ensuring that my social circle are friends of all races!

    Even in most MNCs, different races make up the company!

  • I don’t believe these Chinese people, first they copulate like rats and overpopulate the poor Malays from their country and then now they have the gall to be racist. Do Chinese ever look in the mirror? I wonder, if they did they would realise that given their attributes they probably are the last people to pick on others!!!

  • In response to Valeria post on November 14, 2005.

    I am glad you noticed that Roboy is an upset person thus he made a racist remark.

    Fortunately non of my non-chinese friends have Roboy’s anger problem with me!

    Roboy…get a life…your social circle should be made up of “united nation”!

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