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Singapore bloggers conference bagged in media

Singapore bloggers conference bagged in media

The firsts bloggers conference held in Singapore has been bagged in local media as being a “yawn”.

The Straits Times reports that the conference, attended by around 200 local bloggers, could have been “mistaken for a chess club board meeting”, suggested that the bloggers were unable to interact properly face to face and did not want to reveal their real names.

Perhaps the lack of openness and willingness to share their identities might have something to do with the litigious nature of Singapore that see’s even basic critics slapped with writs at the drop of the hat? But of course the paper couldn’t say that now, could they? they might be sued :-)

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  • Funny – when I read the stub of this post in my aggregator I thought to myself “first they’ll snipe, then they’ll sue.” I wouldn’t be a blogger in Singapore for quids.

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