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Singaporean bloggers jailed for anti-Muslim remarks

Singaporean bloggers jailed for anti-Muslim remarks

Two ethnic Chinese bloggers have became the first people in Singapore to be punished under anti-sedition legislation for posting anti-Muslim remarks to blogs.

According to AFP/ Yahoo, Benjamin Koh, 28, was given two concurrent one-month jail terms while Nicholas Lim, 25, was jailed for one day and fined 5,000 Singapore dollars (2,960 US) after they pleaded guilty Friday to the June offences.

“The doing of an act which has a seditious tendency to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between races or classes of the population in Singapore is serious,” judge Richard Magnus said in handing down his ruling.

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  • This seems pretty ridiculous to me. Nowhere do we hear what these guys actually said – something about dog drool, it seems. I don’t exactly expect a libertarian approach from the Singapore government, but this is bound to inspire more ‘victims’ of political inncorrectness to take up their cause and have dissenters jailed.

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