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Six Apart and VideoEgg partner on video ads

Six Apart and VideoEgg partner on video ads

Bloggers using TypePad will find it easier to integrate video ads into their content thanks to a partnership between VideoEgg and Six Apart announced today.

Six Apart will offer AdFrames ad units including Twig, which is an ad that stays in the browser window and can be expanded upon mouse over (one of the types of ad I hate, for what it’s worth).

The press release implies that the video units will be available to all publishers, though I’d be surprised if there was no quality control/bar to entry at all. It mentions that “launch partners” include Orbitcast, MediaBlab, Geeks are Sexy, Make Use of and Blog Net News, so perhaps it is fairly selective.

Six Apart’s executive VP, David Tokheim, said that it was the company’s goal to help publishers make money on the content they work hard to create.

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“By partnering with VideoEgg and incorporating their proven performance-based AdFrames unit into our advertising solution, Six Apart provides great service and meaningful ad revenue to our publishers,” he said.

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  • I find it funny how Six Apart states that these sites like Makuseof etc are official launch partners when it is an opt-in only service.

  • video ads is way to go but not sure how much control and slice of the pie the actual publisher gets. It seems the technology has greater power than the sites which pull in the eyeballs. 2009/2010 will be defining time for this business model and where everyone sits in the value chain

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