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Six Apart launches TypePad Micro and official AVATAR online community

Six Apart launches TypePad Micro and official AVATAR online community

typepad-avatarThe company behind TypePad today announced the launch of an official AVATAR online community, in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox, a month ahead of the release of James Cameron’s film on 18 December. offers fans a central place to read AVATAR-themed microblogs, other content from around the web, behind-the-scenes video, and integration with Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other social sites.

Simulating Twitter and Facebook, but in an AVATAR themed environment, users can sign up and then follow other members, share notes, photos and videos. They can also create AVATAR blogs.

In a suitably cheesy marketing statement, Twentieth Century Fox’s VP of marketing, Jeffrey Godsick, spoke of the “perfect match” adding “Just as AVATAR is a revolutionary moviegoing experience, Typepad is revolutionizing social media.”


This themed experience is all thanks to TypePad Micro, which was announced yesterday. It’s designed to allow easy sharing of text, photos and videos, and at least at a simplistic level does a similar job to the likes of Posterous and Tumblr.

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typepad-microSix Apart is keen to point out, however, that these services can be easily integrated into the full-featured TypePad.

It marks Six Apart’s continued push to move TypePad from a simple blogging platform to one that fully integrates with popular social networks. In particular, it feels like an extension of moves towards microblogging announced in August.

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  • Type pad micro makes it really easy to write your own blog its like typo 3 for blogging but if you want diversity it is probably not the right choice i think!

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