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Skank Blogger Plans To Sue Google After Judge Ordered Google To Reveal Blogger’s Identity

Skank Blogger Plans To Sue Google After Judge Ordered Google To Reveal Blogger’s Identity

rosemary-portIn a story line which couldn’t have been created better by Oscar Wilde, Rosemary Port, the author behind the ‘Skanks in NYC’ blog announced that she plans to sue the Californian search engine.

Ms. Port’s identity was revealed after Court ordered Google to identify the anonymous blogger earlier this week, when Liskula Cohen, her ‘skank’ victim, filed a $3m claim yesterday. Port’s name was in the court papers. Although Cohen has already dropped her $3m defamation case, former promoter Port hired lawyer Sal Strazzullo, who told the New York Post they will pursue Google with all legal options, because…

I’m shocked that my right to privacy has been tampered with

It seems that the 29-year old has different morals and standards than most of us and she certainly doesn’t seem to be the smartest cookie either. I fail to see how she could possibly turn against Google, who have been ordered by Court to reveal the identity of the blogger behind the ‘Skanks in NYC’ blog, a blog serving the sole purpose of trashmouthing, insulting Liskula Cohen. If one, shouldn’t she go after the Judge?

According to her lawyer, Cohen is “very scared” and had hoped the judge would have protected her privacy better. I wonder if she’s scared someone will start an ‘Anti Rosemary Port skank’ blog.

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Outing anonymous bloggers is nothing new and recently an anonymously blogging UK police officer’s identity was revealed after a court order.

Update: Ms. Port wants to sue Google for $3m as ZDnet reports.

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  • The very suggestion of suing Google for doing what it was ordered by court ruling to do is absurd. Google did everything in its reasonable power to protect the identity of the blogger. Furthermore, I have actually seen the response has issued by Google and in my view they withheld information that would have been appropriately provided for the wording of the court order. Yes, I am defending Google, and I don’t even like them.
    Cheers, Michael Roberts Anonymous Blogger bounty hunter

  • Well, Franky Branckaute – While I agree that Google has no obligation to protect the anonymity of Ms.Port, your facetious remarks and childish commentary making fun of a whiny 29-year-old woman isn’t very becoming. I guess that is entertainment news for ya.

  • I am with google on this one they protected her until they were legally ordered to reveal her identity thus her rights go out the window.

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