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Skype for iPhone hits Apple App Store

Skype for iPhone hits Apple App Store

PD*26729633Skype’s highly anticipated application Skype for iPhone is now available via the Apple App Store. The app also adds Skype calling and instant messaging to any second generation iPod touch with a compatible headset and microphone.

Skype for iPhone requires a Wi-Fi connection to make the free Skype-to-Skype calls or regular calls to mobile and landlines. Users will not be charged by Skype for making and receiving Skype-to-Skype calls using an iPhone or iPod touch.

(What excites me more with this service is that it allows my iTouch to become a mobile phone in itself. Who needs an iPhone now… I still want it though)

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  • I have not installed this yet, but have used fring installed on the iTouch over the last couple of months for calls back to the US from out of the country. It’s great to make these connections for next to nothing through Skype.

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