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Social Funding Platform Kickstarter Surpasses $100 Million In Pledges

Social Funding Platform Kickstarter Surpasses $100 Million In Pledges


Crowd-based funding platform Kickstarter announced on Tuesday that more than 1 million people have donated $100 million to help fund various projects.

Kickstarter works by allows users to post projects that need funding while asking Kickstarter community members to help fund their project with special offers for their products.

In just under two-and-a-half years the $100 million milestone is great news for Kickstarter however the last five months have been the most impressive with 400,000 new “backers” for the website. Kickstarter considers anyone who puts down a credit card number or pledges money to be a backer.

With their milestone achievement Kickstarter also announced some interesting statistics, for example approximately 16% (166,823 people) have backed multiple projects while 23,601 users have backed five or more projects. – Crowd-funded gadgets, games and geekery

Kickstarter officials say of their 1.5 million total pledges 90% are for less than $100 while 615 pledges have provided in excess of $5000.

Of the $100.7 million pledged $84 million of that has gone to successful projects.

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Here’s a good graphical representation of how much money is donated by each number of visitors:

Kickstarter Growth

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