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How A Social Media Employee Advocacy Program Can Help Your Business

How A Social Media Employee Advocacy Program Can Help Your Business

social media employee advocacy program

Is your business’s social media pages having low engagements lately? Do you want to increase it without paying for ads?

Social media channels can be a huge tool for a successful business. But what do you do if you don’t have the resources to dedicate to having someone maintain them full time?

Well, here is some great news for those struggling with maintaining their social media presence. What if we told you there was a way to build your presence by using the emploees you already have? You won’t have to hire more staff or overload your current employees with massive work loads. It all starts with implementing a social media employee advocacy program.

Here’s a suggestion: Ask your employees to help! Matt Sweetwood, CEO of, provided a series of helpful steps in this infographic made with Visme on how your employees can help improve the business’s social media pages and how this additional small task can be exciting for them.

Check out this infographic about how you can successfully create and run a social media employee advocacy program:

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Social media employee advocacy program

BeBee is a online platform to help create and share your own personal brand. It is a great tool for helping you create the brand you have always envisioned.

This informative infographic was created using another helpful online tool, Visme. You can create presentations, infographics or pretty much any kind of interactive content you can dream up.

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