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Treat Yourself! – 7 Fun Solo Date Ideas

Treat Yourself! – 7 Fun Solo Date Ideas

Treat Yourself! - 7 Fun Solo Date Ideas

Self-care is getting more recognition now than it ever has. This is not necessarily your green light to spend thousands of money you don’t have. This is, however, your green light to start using your hard-earned time and money on something you’re excited about. Take yourself on a solo date and channel your best self for some well-deserved self-care time. 

Best self-care days

Maybe you have a significant other, and those dates are great, but never forget to have a relationship with yourself too! Here are 10 of the best solo date ideas for your next self-care day. 

1. Get Some Exercise 

Exercise of the body and the mind are important no matter what is going on in life. Moving your body because you can not because you have to can be a mindset shift all on its own. Taking the time to walk your favorite path, hike the most beautiful trail, or jog around the prettiest neighborhood can be extremely relaxing and bring a sense of purpose and joy to your day. 

2. Spa day

Seemingly the most obvious answer, taking a trip to the spa is the epitome of a self-care day. The infamous green cucumber mask and white towel is the first thing people think of when they say that they are going to the spa. It is better known now for being a bit more all-inclusive. Now, you can go to the spa and receive a facial, full body massage, masks, sauna time, and more. It can truly be an all-day affair just for yourself, and the betterment of your body. 

3. Take a trip to your favorite bookstore 

If you are a reader, you have your favorite bookstores. Some are hopeless romantics for an old used bookstore, while others enjoy the vastness of big chains with catchy BookTok tables. Whatever bookstore your passions take you, feel free to get lost in the aisles of literature and pick up without limitations of budgets or time. Having a running clock in a bookstore is a surefire way to being stressed out and leaving with something you do not want. Take your time, and let your love for books guide you. You may not always have time to read the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months, but having a solo date is the best excuse to buy more books to add to your “to be read” list. 

4. Have a meal with yourself at a nice restaurant 

Reservations do not always have to be made with 2 or more people. In fact, it is encouraged to have a reservation of 1 every now and then at the restaurant of your choosing. Having a quality meal with yourself, where you dress up for no one but yourself is liberating. Who said you have to put on a dress for someone else? You can wear a dress, or pants, for you. 

5. Book a staycation

Having some time away from reality is another way to bring some peace of mind to your busy life. That does not mean you have to take a weekend away, although you absolutely could. A staycation would be calling up the nearest and dearest bed and breakfast or hotel you have always wanted to try, and ordering room service will sit the robe they provide. 

5 1/2. Spend a weekend away

Just like a staycation, at the end of the day, the goal is to have the weekend, or night, away from reality. Having a solo date or vacation is the premier way to spend time with yourself and grow your personal relationship with yourself. 

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6. Run your “fun” errands 

If you have been looking for an excuse to make the nail appointment, this is it. The things you typically push to the back burner because other errands take precedence. Nails are not the only fun “errand” to do on a self-care day. Having fresh hair from the salon, or booking a massage to release all the pent tension and stress from work is a great way to spend a day with yourself. This is not the day for grocery store runs, but it is the day for fresh hair and new nail colors. 

7. Shopping Spree

Another classic example of a self-care day is taking yourself on a well-deserved shopping spree. This is not me telling you to go and spend all of your hard-earned money, but it is me telling you to buy the shoes you have been eyeing or the jeans you keep telling yourself to wait on. Take that target trip to just look around, and allow yourself to pick up the “fun stuff” rather than only the essentials. 

Wrap Up

Taking yourself on a solo date can feel overwhelming the first time, but adding them to your weekly or monthly calendar can spark something deeper inside of you. Along with your overall well-being increasing, you will also find others who are on the same journey and will find yourself paying more attention to, and appreciating the surroundings given to you on any and every solo date. 

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