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Social Media Is The New Face Of Disaster Response [Infographic]

Social Media Is The New Face Of Disaster Response [Infographic]

Social mediaSocial media keeps all of us connected in real time and thanks to its reach, disaster response is being given a big lift.

The team at USF’s Online MPA took a close look at disaster response to determine what effect it receives from social media.

The team quickly discovered that many agencies are now using Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to help facilitate rescue and relief efforts.

Researchers examined three specific disasters: The Japan tsunami, the Haiti earthquake and Superstorm Sandy.

The study found that 1 in 5 people in need of help during a disaster reach out for help via social media. 76% of respondents also reach out to friends via social media when a disaster occurs.

The most surprising finding may be that 80% of Americans surveyed believe that state and federal agencies should be monitoring social media in order to find people in need.

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Here’s a closer look at the social media disaster response survey:

Social Media is Disaster Relief

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