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Social Media Will Distract You At Work [Infographic]

Social Media Will Distract You At Work [Infographic]

Social Media DistractionsRed e App wants social media users to realize that their daily work time is being interrupted constantly because of Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

In its findings the company found that the average working is interrupted by social media websites once every 10.5 minutes. The study also found that it takes employees 23 minutes to return to their assigned task.

Putting those numbers into perspective?Red e App?estimates that social media use is now costing American companies $650 billion per year.

Based on findings the company asks”

?Is it possible to be too connected in this digital age??

And responds simply with:

?Research data indicates, yes.?

So what exactly is sucking the life out of your business day? Facebook is the biggest culprit with one billion posts per day and the average user spending 405 minutes of their work time on the social network each month. In second place is email in which 62 billion messages are sent each day, taking up 28 percent of a users work on a monthly basis. While Twitter provides 400 million per tweets the 140 character limit means only 89 minutes on average is spent on the social network by users at work.

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Check out the full work productivity Infographic below for more information:

Social Media Work Distractions


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