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Social Network Tagged Announces New Social Gaming Studio

Social Network Tagged Announces New Social Gaming Studio

Tagged Social NetworkSocial network Tagged knows how to develop a viral social game success, their hit game Pets currently brings the company $1 million per month in revenue and they are now hoping to capitalize on that success with the launch of their own social gaming studio.

The social network currently attracts more than 100 million users with their Pets game drawing 375,000 unique daily active users with more than 5 million trades per date.

When you consider that the entire network brought in just $32 million last year it’s easy to see why they would focus so much of their energy on the social gaming aspect of their platform.The company has placed their social gaming future in very capable hands, revealing to Mashable that they have hired former VP and General Manager of EA’s Pogo Andrew Pedersen to run the new division, Pedersen has overseen the development of more than 100 games.

According to Tagged executives games are already in development and they plan to double their design team over the next several months.


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