Soldiers’ Iraq Blogs Face Military Scrutiny

security risk or controlling the spin: you be the judge
NPR> Military officials are cracking down on blogs written by soldiers and Marines in Iraq, saying some of them reveal sensitive information. Critics say it’s an attempt to suppress unflattering truths about the U.S. occupation. read more>

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  • It used to be in all past wars, that soldiers’ letters were censored.

    But thanks to cheap and ubiquitous technology, there is now a direct link from the frontline to the home front. Is this good or bad? Bit of both.

    On the one hand, this can strengthen the ties between the soldiers and the people back home. On the other hand, seeing the carnage and death sent to you direct from the war may not be the best propaganda.

    And of course, terrorists are already using the technology to broadcast beheadings to the world.

    We’re really living in the Global Village now. Get used to it, because it won’t go away.

    One day – one day soon – you’ll receive a phonecall from a complete stranger in Africa, who sends a phone-cam photo of a starving kid, and begs you to PayPal him some relief money RIGHT NOW….


  • It’s not unflattering truths about the U.S., it’s unflattering truths about how war is conducted. War is about killing and humiliating the enemy into defeat and we’ve been trying to regulate war since the Geneva Convention. How do you say “It’s inhumane to use a land mine or you can’t humiliate a prisoner” when on the front lines men are shot and disabled from shrapnel and left to suffer and/or die? If we are to continue the art of war, it should be left in the battlefield, not specific instances discussed like they are separate acts of uncivilized individuals.

  • r there any blogs about the soldiers in iraq? i’m writing a paper on them as today’s patriots if. if u r a soldier in iraq and r reading this please reply with info about stuff there and what its like to be soldier in iraq.

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