8 Places to Find Online Writing Jobs for Teens

online jobs for teens writing

You do not have to have a college degree or be a certain age to start making money using your love for writing. Teens can continue to work on their craft while in school or figure out how they want to use their writing talent. If you are looking to find online jobs for teens that love to write, this is the blog for you.

Many places offer jobs for underaged teenagers without years of experience. In fact, these places pride themselves on giving teens the experience they will need and helping them prepare for the future.

Though there are valid reasons that many large corporations are not allowed to pay minors for services, there are still lots of opportunities for teens to earn money and start building their resumes. Here are 8 great places to start, where teens can find an online writing job.

1. Fiverr

Anyone over the age of 13 is able to create a profile on Fiverr. Teens can create service packages, just like every adult on Fiverr, to showcase what they bring to the table. This includes how much you would charge for your services and your elevator speech as to why an employer should go with you for their project. Once you complete a few projects, you can raise your rates to make more money since those are up to you and are not set in stone.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer allows teens that are at least 16 years old to create an account. While they offer the traditional project-style job for freelancers, they also offer contests from employers, meaning freelancers post solutions that are already made, and the employer chooses the one they like the best. This can be tricky for teens that are hoping to make money since that does not guarantee money. It is a fun way to practice your work or dive into something such as a new structure new to try it out.

3. Craigslist

Unlike other sites, there is no minimum age to join Craigslist. But that does not mean teenagers should join without keeping their parents involved. It is very important to keep your parents involved when using a new job platform, or getting involved with a new company. No matter how much sites do to keep the platforms safe, there will always be some that are missed and it is important to keep a lookout. For Craigslist, there isn’t much protection from the site itself. So freelancers are urged to use their common sense to recognize scam postings versus companies truly looking for project help.

4. Hubpages

As long as you have parental consent, Hubpages will allow anyone under 18 to publish their work. You can sign up for the monetization program and sign up to consistently share bits to the world using their platform of an already generated and growing audience.

5. Slice the Pie

People do not always think about music and writing going hand in hand, but this site makes it clear. Slice the Pie is where music and writing come together. It’s a beautiful space for creators to showcase not only their love of music but their writing talent as well.

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6. Medium

As another 13 and up platform, Medium lets anyone over the age of 13 gain traction on the platform to showcase their own creative space. Because it is strictly a blogging platform, unless you are enrolled in the Partner Program, you will not receive those benefits.

7. Reddit

Reddit is, essentially, a one-stop shop for anything you could possibly search for on the web. If you are thinking about it, there is almost a 100% chance that there is a subreddit about that topic. For writers and other freelancers, there are jobs posted on Reddit as well. For someone under the age of 18, they will need to filter out any jobs that do not accept underage freelancers. Nonetheless, there are wonderful opportunities available. Like anything else, there will always be scammers or people that search the web trying to ruin someone’s day. It is always important to be careful, especially on bigger and broader sites like Reddit.

8. Start your own 

It may go without saying, but starting your own blog can be a money-maker in itself. Though it may take a bit longer than grabbing freelance jobs, starting your own blog will showcase the best and brightest versions of you as a person and a writer to future employers, and university admissions boards. WordPress, Wix, and Bluehost, among others, are great places to start when creating a blog.

Wrap Up

Starting your writing career does not have to wait until a specific milestone. As long as you have your parent’s permission, and are ready to jumpstart your writing journey, there are online jobs for teens to make money and gain experience.

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