South Korean numbers up: at least 20 million blogs in South Korea

Interesting new figures out of South Korea that suggest that the number of blogs in the country is higher than the 15 million suggested in this months Blog Herald Blog Count, and is now approx. 20 million blogs, but possibly higher.

According to, Cyworld now has 13 million subscribers on a service thats role is the provision of blogs. Unlike previous figures, the number is for “subscribers” not blogs, which might suggest paying users or members as opposed to actual blogs. If we were to presume that every person using the service has 1 blog, then there would be 13 million blogs on the service. Coupled with Yahoo Blogs South Korea with 3 million blogs and Planet Weblog Service with 6 million blogs as of Jan 05 and you get a figure of 22 million blogs.

The Donga article also discusses the difference with Korean blogs, which are also described as mini-homepages, but have a very strong social networking aspect to them that allows the formation of “networks of friends”.

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