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Spam blog creators panicking over spam blog crackdown! Is this the end of spam blogs?

Spam blog creators panicking over spam blog crackdown! Is this the end of spam blogs?

Spam blog creators are panicking and Google might not be a lazy as I thought they were, because spam blogs are under attack and it appears that Google might be cracking down on them aside from the ridiculous “flag” option they now have in place.

As part of my ongoing investigation into these guys I’m on a number of their mailing lists under various email addresses, and I got this in the email today from Blogbunner promoter Rick Butts, who we last featured on August 3 when Yahoo! started cracking down on My Yahoo! users using the service to get indexed only. I’ve kept it in full for reference without editing it. I’m sure it will make you smile as much as I did when I read it, although you’ll note that as usual they are promising big changes to try and keep their gullible clients on side. I await with interest to see what the new program is.

From: Rick Butts
Reply-To: [email protected]
Date: Aug 25, 2005 12:44 AM
Subject: What to do? Junk page sites being de-indexed fast

My friend emailed me today and told me that his Adsense fell from $1000 a day to $100 in the last couple of days.

He has been extremely successful building junk pages – and now he is getting the de-indexed blues.

John, there is a real sea change in the marketplace of AdSense publishing. Look around you.

The search engines are shutting these sites down faster and faster, and the blogs are figuring out how to delete junk accounts, and even the newsfeeds are blocking some pings.

The handwriting is on the wall – and it’s time for the next big thing.

1. We hope to have BlogBurner set to stop using Blogger by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.

Nana has come up with an absolutely brilliant idea to replace the blog post altogether – we can’t tell you HOW we do it – but between that and the new turbo feature many of you have already been seeing results from (including me!) Blogburner will obliterate any other tool for getting your pages indexed – and no more worries about Blogger, or any other thing getting shut down!

2. Go to New Orleans to Jack Humphrey’s Mardi Gras Internet Marketing Seminar.

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(next bit deleted because it was just a plug to some seminar)

Rick Butts

PS: Stay tuned for the new 3.0 release of Blogburner! Heck, since it won’t use a blog – we have to name it something else – be we have so much traffic to the site – what should I do?

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  • Not sure why everyone thinks this is good news. That email basically says they’ve already worked out a way round the problem and the spamming will continue just in a slightly different format.

    Degraded searches will remain an issue and spam will not be going away.

  • I write INFORMATIVE blogs.So I probably wont be on that list.So I refuse to splog. Saw a few splogs in the last couple days OR what was suspected splogs.One example of a suspect was a blog repeating the same weblink over and over.Couldn,t see more content than that. I don,t do that.I was warned gently by a friend about splogs, so I know full well to lookout for myself.

  • What pompous perfect people you are. As if what you say in your blogs has any more value than mine or anyone else’s.

  • HI – it’s me you are talking about!

    For Darren who said he doesn’t know “how to get off my email list” I have to really laugh – how web savvy is someone who can’t scroll to the bottom of an email and click the unsubscribe list?

    You have to opt in to get email from me.

    We help Adsense publishers (like you on this blog with what I would consider a big splooge of spam in the form of a Google Ad right between your post and the replies) get their pages listed fast in the search engines so they can make money.

    It’s business.

    Gosh, if you don’t like the show – change the channel.


  • Furthermore – we are now using, among other methods to reduce and discourage blog spam, a technique that prevents the blog created by blogburner from being listed for readers – just SERPS.


  • This is just an observation, and only my own. – It seems to me that you are personally benefiting from slog… aren’t you?

    I notice that you write a scathing negative report on other peoples very popular products and or services…. being sure to preserve the content to the extent that the search engines will index your pages based on these keywords.

    This is now and has always been called “Reverse Marketing”.

    So it is amusing to see how you cry foul in order to garner attention to yourself, while riding the very wave (on the shirt-tales) of those who you bad-mouth to your readers.

    This is ok with me, it isn’t my personal choice in marketing because like Rick Butts, I would rather make news than be a bottom feeder to those who do.

    my point is this… It’s ok for you to bad mouth people, and it’s ok for you to sponge off of their popularity, but it really isn’t ok for you to position yourself as the moral majority while you are tricking your more gullible readers into believing that you are actually as moral as you lead them to believe.

    You are sponging off of the popularity of blog spam, comment spam and any other popular and controversial topic you manage to find.

    At least show enough compassion to your own readers to admit and plainly state that you are posting your comments not out of moral supremacy, but out of good old fashion marketing know-how.

    It’s ok to be a marketer… you don’t have to hide it and try to trick your readers into believing the hype you post anymore than the people that you rant about as misleading their “gullible” customers.

    Hey, I didn’t even come here to participate in your blog… I just watch it to get leads on what’s hot in the marketplace, and this is, you guessed it, directly determined by what ever product you happen to be slamming.

    by the way… is a pretty good domain name… I’ll give you 24 hours to register it before I do…. and you guessed it, I will turn it into a spoof site and copy 100% of your content and post full disclaimers on your content and market it to sploggers to post on…. lol… and just think… I will then be doing to you exactly the same thing that you do to others…. but I will not whitewash it and try to deceive my readers into thinking that I am doing anything for any reason other than to get listed, get rank, and get a good portion of your own traffic by sponging off of your topics… I wish I would have thought about this sooner! :-)

    Well, there is my rant… like it, don’t like it, or completely indifferent.

  • Simply Wonderful
    I may not be perfect but I’m man enough to put my name behind my comments, your not, your the scum of the earth because you’re nothing more than a thief.

  • Hobbits Unite!

    Hear Ye – all liberal little people – don’t be confused by the facts – follow your heart – you just get out there with your little brooms and clean up the nasty little Gollums from the once clean Internet-Shire!

    You can turn back time…

    You can make everything free online…

    You can do it – for it is the RIGHT thing to do.

    The Blog is mightier than the, uh, the, uh, well it is all pretty much “web grafitti” as far as I am concerned. (I want credit if you use this phrase!)

    The only product I ever bad mouthed to make a buck was the dork who ran an adwords campaign for the keyword Article Burner and wrote this lying, absolute BS comparison chart of his product vs. mine.

    Notice I am not mentioning his junky clunky hard to use product here?

    Every “subscribe” card that falls out of the magiznes I pay for – is spam.

    99% of what is posted in these hallowed blogs is junk – to someone – right?

    “One man’s junk is another man’s high-content blog.”

    Time to find something productive to do with your mouse.

    I have a suggestion… *-)

    Rick Butts – friend of the Serious Internet Marketer – Hobbit Hunter

  • By the way, the Dick-weed who runs this blog has stolen my content from my site without my permission. And somehow my trash is his treasure?

    Go figure the ethics on that.

    “The ring, it’s MINE, it’s MINE, I must have my PRECIOUS!”


  • # Duncan Says:
    September 15th, 2005 at 15 September 05

    Simply Wonderful
    I may not be perfect but I’m man enough to put my name behind my comments, your not, your the scum of the earth because you’re nothing more than a thief.

    LOLOL…. This is rich! I am being called scum for making light of doing, and making reference to doing in the future what duncspam is already doing…. hahahaha!…. Do you not take just a moment to THINK before you would post something like that.

    If you go back up an read my post, I pointed out that this blog owner steals content, projects himself as the moral majority, and lies to his readers by tricking the little darlings into believing that he is doing this for some reason other than the profits he generates as a result.

    In other words… Steal Content + Reprint that content + Slam the product (with the keywords from the stolen content) + Blog Monetization = …yes, that’s right… A content stealing scumbag who clearly hasn’t an original thought in his little head…. bless your heart :-)

    Now, cleanse your soul… Admit first to yourself that you are the scam artist that you love to hate, and then admit to your readers that you earn your living using unscrupulous methods and trickery.

    Only the truth can set you free…. hahahahaha! I’m just willing to bet that you traded any truth you had remaining in your soul years ago for just one more piece of gold.

  • rofl!
    Simply wonderful
    go back to taking those drugs, they must be mighty fine. Then go and look up words like transparency, truth, honesty, original content….I know its difficult for you but you mihgt be surprised

    As for Mr Butt accusing me of stealing his content, it was referenced and used in context, but you guys wouldn’t understand that because your automated scripts don’t give a rats arse about ethics do they!

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