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Spam bloggers update tool to combate Google Flag measure

Spam bloggers update tool to combate Google Flag measure

King of the spam bloggers Rick Butts has announced a major update to his “Blogburner” spam blog tool that seeks to reduce the risk of spam blogs using the service being caught up in Google’s Flag measure by automatically excluding the spam blogs from the “next” rotation on the network.

The latest release also promises to deliver even easier tools for spam bloggers (hmmm….maybe I should sign up as an affiliate, this is starting to sound like a sales pitch :-) ) including automated account creation at Blogger and search engine friendly templates all from within the spam blogging tool.

Burner is also promising details of a special atom file that should then be added into a My Yahoo! account to assist with indexing, although at this stage this appears to be a manual process unless another program “Feedburner” is purchased.

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  • Just curious where did you get this information from. I see no link to any other place, or any other website for that matter.

  • If you get information from another website and/or blog even if its a spammy blog, you should link to it. At least this is what I was getting out of everone complaining about people not linking to them.

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