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Sphere PR expands into cyber-crisis communication services

Sphere PR expands into cyber-crisis communication services

"Cyber-Crisis Sphere"

Marking its 18th anniversary, Sydney-based public relations agency Sphere PR is venturing into cyber-crisis communication services. The service targets cybersecurity incidents and tech outages, offering businesses actionable strategies to mitigate damage and uphold their reputation.

With services such as incident response planning, media management, and stakeholder communication, Sphere PR offers a proactive approach to crisis management. The ultimate goal? Maintaining client trust and credibility while preventing or minimizing disruption in the event of a cybersecurity crisis.

In its eighteen-year span, Sphere PR has soared to become a frontrunner in tech security PR across Australia and New Zealand. Their portfolio sports a wide array of clients, including Yubico, Secureworks, and NetScout, each benefiting from exceptional PR services for product launches, compliance issues, and crisis management.

The agency has launched its new service response to heightened cyber threats. The aim is to equip businesses with the tools to handle crisis communication challenges and to relay crucial information to their customers swiftly and accurately.

Imperative to the new service are crisis communication strategies tailored to the organization’s unique needs. This includes anticipating potential threats and the development and execution of a crisis communication plan to manage public perception.

Moreover, media training for executives and key spokespeople ensures accurate, precise, and authentic messaging.

Sphere PR’s proactive cyber-crisis management

The training aims to prepare staff for interviews and news conferences during crisis situations to communicate the organization’s stance and responses coherently.

Sphere PR offers to aid in managing any company’s reputation during a crisis and reducing the chances of future cyber threats. By doing this, they hope to maintain the trust between the organization and its clients, thereby securing the company’s market credibility.

The service follows a two-step plan of preparation for a cyber-crisis communication strategy, followed by provding post-crisis support. This includes damage assessment, devising effective response strategies, and managing ongoing communication to restore stakeholder trust and confidence.

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The second step also includes a communication response procedure for an array of cybersecurity events and IT disruptions. By regularly auditing security measures and vigilance, Sphere PR ensures companies can withstand security breaches and cyber attacks, while also managing their reputation effectively.

According to Louise Roberts, the service’s goal is to equip organizations with tested plans in the event of a data breach or outage. The service strengthens the business by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities proactively and training staff to respond correctly during unexpected events.

Striving to produce noteworthy results, Sphere PR leverages its extensive experience to provide unique communication strategies and media solutions to technology and cybersecurity brands. Their dedicated team of PR professionals understands the complexities of the tech industry and consistently stays on top of emerging trends, tools, and technologies to keep their clients at the forefront.

At Sphere PR, mastering multi-dimensional challenges, developing bespoke communication strategies, and nurturing strong media relationships are all in a day’s work. Whether it’s about launching a new product, managing crisis communication, or driving brand awareness, Sphere PR commits to delivering carefully planned and meticulously executed campaigns, thereby ensuring their client’s success.

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